Shower Glass and Tile

Keep your Shower Glass and Tiles looking BRAND NEW with Ultrashield’s Ultimate Surface Protection.

$359.00 3.5SQM Shower Treatment and get 2 FREE SQM off your Tile Treatment !!

Shower protection pure! Your old shower will always look new!

Balustrade & Metal Treatment

Is your view being affected by the unsightly water etching caused from salt spray, chlorine, pollution, dirt, and other surface contaminants?

Metal rails turning to a shade ‘Brown’ from the exposure to harsh external elements!!

ENQUIRE NOW: 0800 485 872

Commercial Window Tinting

Want to add a creative edge to your office? Keep staff happy with unwanted Glare on computer screens.

Call us on 0800 485 872 and arrange a free consultation. We service the greater Auckland area.

Ask about our exclusive and unique window and glass protection film available in Auckland.

Makes any glass a dream to clean:

If you have a glass shower, balustrade, splashback, or area of windows exposed to dirt, grime or salt, you need to protect your glass NOW. With one permanent treatment, Ultrashield will make future cleaning a dream. Less frequent cleaning with no more harsh chemicals is a must for any NEW or USED glass surface

Ultrashield offers more:

Glass Restoration for home showers, windows, glass pool surrounds, balustrades, boast windows. We then treat the glass to prevent further demage.

Concrete and Paving Protection against most and algae build-up for both residential and commercial driveways, pathways and carparks.

Marine Protection for your boat - we treat windows and stainless steel to protect them from the harsh external enviroment.

Metal Protection from ugly brow 'tea staining', contamination and deterioration for most metal surfaces

We'll qoute on just about any surface, anywhere - contact us on 0800 4 ULTRASHIELD or

All areas at glance:
  • Shower Glass and Tile Protection (treatment) From soap scum and water stains
  • Glass Balustrade Protection and treatment From salt water and chlorine
  • Metal Protection From ‘brown tea-staining’
  • Glass windows From water stains
  • Splash backs From oil and other contaminants
  • Concrete surface protection From moss and algae
  • Marine From salt water damage
  • Surface Restoration
  • Window tinting for Commercial Fit-outs
  • Window Tinting for Residential Homes to Reduce Fading, Glare, Heat and UV


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