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Residential Window and Glass Cleaning Protection Treatment

Keep that million dollar view with a water repelling Ultrashield glass treatment.

Use it to protect your glass windows from acid rain, salt spray, chlorine, grime, residue and other contaminants. One single treatment is an easy way to reduce cleaning time and keep your windows looking brand new. If you are sick of cleaning your windows and glass, glass treatment is for you!

Great for new or existing windows

Prevention is the key so it's best to have an Ultrashield application when you're building any new project, residential or commercial. However we do offer glass restoration to remove acid rain spots followed by glass treatment to prevent further damage from etching into the glass.

Ultrashield glass treatment gives you all the benefits!

  • Uses a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product
  • Is a glass coating that repels water, oil and other liquids effectively
  • Preserves your view by repelling water effectively
  • Reduces dirt and grime build up
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • Eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Scratch resistant (regular wiping will not remove the coating)



Simply clean with a mild detergent.

Remember this treatment is low maintenance and easy clean, not no maintenance no clean.


Valid up to 5 years, 3 years on restored glass. Cleaning instructions need to be followed or warranty becomes void. No abrasive sponges, cloths, scrubbers or harsh chemicals to be used.


Pricing is quoted on an individual basis as it is subject to specific client requirements and certain conditions (e.g. whether the glass needs to be restored prior to being treated, and the total SQM).

For your FREE NO OBLIGATION quote contact us now on 0800 4 ULTRASHIELD or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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