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Marine Boat Surface Protection, Cleaning And Treatment

A MUST for boat owners who want ‘Easy Clean’ glass and want ‘Clarity of vision’ when times get rough!

Day or night, improved wet weather vision is what you will get with our Liquid Glass treatment.

A UV stable treatment resists salts and other contaminants from etching into the glass, creating a LOW maintenance surface that repels water, oil and other contaminants easily.

We can Restore your boat windows!

In a perfect world, its best (and more cost effective) to have the glass windows treated before you hit the sea! However 9 times out of 10 this is not always the case….. So before we treat the surface we do a full restore (additional cost) to remove unwanted acid rain spots, leaving an ongoing easy clean surface!

Benefits of Liquid Glass Marine Surface Protection!

  • Optically clear
  • Improves wet weather vision considerably, particularly at night
  • Allows boat owners to see imminent danger and objects earlier and clearer
  • Improves reaction times to danger
  • Resists salts and other contaminants etching on the glass
  • Creates a low maintenance surface
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Repels water, oil and other liquids
  • High temperature resistant
  • Enormous abrasion resistance
  • Is UV stable; does not turn yellow or peel.


Our friendly Installers leave every customer with cleaning instructions for ongoing maintenance.

However, in general, a simple hose down finished off with a squeegee, will help maintain that brand new look.

Remember this treatment is LOW maintenance and easy clean, not no maintenance, no clean.


We give a one year warranty on Marine glass due to the constant exposure to external harsh conditions

Surfaces must be maintained as per our cleaning instructions to maintain the warranty. The warranty is only given where glass restoration is completed by Ultrashield Ltd to remove salt stains prior to application.


Boat sizes vary and so does our pricing to reflect this, so give us a call and we will happily give you a quote. Please note, we often need to site the boat to give you an accurate quote.

For your FREE NO OBLIGATION quote contact us now on 0800 485 872 or