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Frequently Asked Questions

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What surface protection product do we use?

Yes! It is environmentally Friendly, Non Toxic, and Food safe. It has even won the “Green Apple Environment Awards in Europe 2007/2008.

On What surfaces can Ultrashield be applied to?

Glass, Metal, Concrete, Ceramic, Plastic, Windscreens, Tile, Marine

Do you offer a Warranty for treated surfaces?

Yes we do. We offer a warranty on all the surfaces we treat. Check through the website to see for further details, as they vary from surface to surface.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Yes! It is environmentally Friendly, Non Toxic, and Food safe. It has even won the “Green Apple Environment Awards in Europe 2007/2008.

How is the surface treatment applied?

Simple! It is professionally applied by our trained staff. Firstly, the preparation of the surface is paramount to ensure the surface is free of grease, dust and any other contaminants. The product is then thoroughly applied using a cloth and then (in some cases) we heat treat (glass only) to ensure the treatment has bonded to the glass for immediate use.

Can I use my regular cleaners to clean the surface?

You don’t need to and why would you! Our treatment allows for an easy clean surface and we supply you an Ultrashield After care Kit which has what you need to maintain your surfaces.

Saving the waterways is a plus, but saving YOU from breathing in the harsh smelling chemicals is enough to not use them!

Do I need to clean my treated surface again?

Yes you do, remember this is LOW maintenance not NO Maintenance. For Glass Showers, a simple wipe down with the microfibre cloth (provided the Ultrashield After care Kit) every week is one way to keep the glass looking like new. If you do notice a build-up (i.e) the glass isn’t repelling water as well as expected, simply a wipe over with the ‘white non-abrasive pad’ (supplied in Ultrashield Aftercare Kit) with some dishwashing liquid, and this will bring the glass back to as good as new. You can then dry this off with the Squeegee or the microfibre cloth (both supplied in Ultrashield After Care Kit). All other surface maintenance details are given through the website. Installers also go through with the customer, the cleaning instructions for easy on-going maintenance.

How much can I be expected to pay?

Prices vary on which surface is to be treated. For unused Showers, treatments start at $249.00. An average Shower treatment is $359.00, plus any restoration costs, if required. Balustrade Glass, Tiles, Windows, Concrete, Boats etc are priced per SQM and can range anywhere from $25.00sqm to $55.00sqm depending on the total amount of surface to be treated.

Sounds Expensive?

The initial investment may sound expensive, but long term, you will save two fold. The saving of your TIME alone from constant scrubbing makes it all worth while. Not to mention the dollar saving in the purchasing of cleaning products. This has a double impact; it saves your wallet AND reduces the impact on the environment as less chemicals are going through the water ways into the sea.

Can I apply these products myself?

The quick answer is No. There are DIY products out there for sure, but they are cheap and come with no warranty. We at Ultrashield are professionally trained staff and pride ourselves in our customer service. If you have any questions or issues, you call us first and we will talk you through the best options.

How long does it take to treat a surface?

It varies depending on the surface to be treated. New showers take less than an hour, depending on the age of the glass. If restoration is required, it can take anywhere between 1-3 hours. Overall, installation depends on the total SQM to be treated. We can give you an estimate of time involved at the point of quoting.

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