What’s the difference between commercial tinting and residential?

When it comes to window tinting, you have several options depending on the application and type of film you want. The biggest deciding factor is whether it’s commercial or residential. But what’s the difference?

Commercial will have several differences to most residential window films. Commercial films are designed with the commercial setting in mind, such as offices and buildings so their properties are optimised for these situations. One of the biggest differences is the thickness of the film. The commercial films come in up to 7 times thicker than regular window tint film, being design to also act as a safety and security feature. By holding the glass together when it breaks, they prevent injury and damage from broken glass and also deter unwanted intruders from trying to smash the glass to get in, since it makes it much harder to remove.

commercial_window_tinting_filmsWe can also offer anti vandalism and graffiti protection films, which are applied to the exterior of the glass and act as a ‘sacrificial’ layer on the glass to keep the glass free from damage, perfect for commercial settings such as roadside stores.

To see our full range of commercial window tinting film options, visit our window tinting page.

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