What Are The Uses Of Glass Film?

Usually when people think of glass film they think of window tint. While window tint is a very common form of glass film, there are many more purposes which glass film serves. Window films come in various types that serve many different purposes, from blocking UV to thermal insulation.

So what are the main types of window film? They include:

  • Tint film
  • Window protection/security film
  • Thermal insulation

Window films are generally a retrofit upgrade to glass and windows to fix common problems such as:

  • Glare
  • Sunstrike
  • UV damage
  • Heat
  • Privacy
  • Graffiti Protection
  • Safety and security

Which of these the film does will depend of the type of film you choose and whether it’s external or internal.

Window tint film
Window tint film is designed to darken the appearance of windows from the outside, which makes it harder to see in through the glass. Along with this, it’s main purpose is to block UV rays and reduce heat inside the building. This not only makes living conditions inside the building better due to privacy and comfortable temperatures, but it preserves the condition of the carpets and furniture in the building, preventing fading and degradation. Tint films come in a range of colors, shades, opacities and thicknesses.

Window protection/security film
Security film is applied to glass so that when it is broken it holds together, which prevents dangerous shards from flying and makes it more difficult for intruders to gain entry. It’s typically used in commercial applications and these films are made of heavy gauge plastic and are intended to maintain the integrity of the glass upon heavy impact. They will also prevent against vandalism such as graffiti, as they act as a sacrificial layer on top of the glass.

Thermal insulation films
These films are used to improve insulation in the home when double glazing is not suitable. Sometimes double glazing isn’t a suitable option due to restrictions in design, budgets or other constraints, so another options is required. The benefits of thermal insulation films are that they are super easy to install, yet provide insulation just shy of that which you’d expect from double glazing. With thermal window film, you can expect:

  • to save money on heating and cooling, due to better temperature control and insulation
  • no difference in the appearance of the glass
  • big savings compared to installed double glazed glass

If you are looking for window films for your home, talk to us today. We at Ultrashield supply and install a wide range of security and protection films and tint and insulation films for all windows. Tell us your requirements and we will recommend a window film perfect for your needs.

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