Protecting Windows And Glass With Film

Glass is the clear choice for modern homes. It incorporates transparency, lightness and variability which are all elements of contemporary architecture and design. Using glass in windows and wall systems are a great way to bring people closer to nature. It also invites natural light into the home, which is proven to reduce stress as well as energy bills. Not to mention, glass adds a stunning look to any building. And the list of benefits goes on.

All that being said, glass has its disadvantages. One primary problem with glass is it absorbs heat and acts much like a greenhouse. Other issues include glare and poor heat preservation in winter, which leads to higher energy bills. According to BRANZ research, the average home loses up to 48% heat through single panes.

While this can be solved with double glazing, this particular method is often too expensive or difficult to install into existing window frames. This is where an insulation film proves useful, particularly Penjerex which is the highest performing window insulation film on the market today. Here are several key advantages to using this insulation film for protecting windows:

It’s lighter than double glazing

Double glazing adds quite a lot of weight to your windows, which makes retrofitting quite problematic. You see, existing frames and ranch sliders are not typically designed to hold the extra weight.

An insulation film which is sleeker and lighter solves this problem. Its lightweight properties also make installation a breeze. On top of that, you won’t be troubled with noise or disruption to your home during installation.

It’s cheaper but similarly effective

Penjerex insulation film works 95% as effectively as regular double glazing but costs only half as much. It has very good thermal resistance that will ensure your comfort all-year round.

The beauty of this window glass protection film is you can choose to apply it to any particular problem areas, i.e. hot and cold spots in your building. This “low emissivity” window film has a special metallic foil that reflects infrared heat back inside the building to reduce heat loss by 44 per cent, turning your window into a radiant heater during the blistering cold months. It also reflects a small amount of radiant solar energy to keep your home comfortable during summer.

As you can guess, window films can cut your power bills significantly.

It is extremely durable

When applied properly, window insulation film will not crack, peel, flake or bubble. It will protect your windows and your home for up to 10 years!

It also makes your glass windows harder to penetrate, making it resistant to breakage in case of theft, storms and accidents. And in case the windows shatter, the insulation film keeps the shards together after impact. That’s an added layer of protection for your home.

It doesn’t affect aesthetics

Worried that double glazing might change the look of your home or office? An insulation film will put you at ease. It’s virtually transparent and unobtrusive that you won’t even notice it’s there. Other than preserving kerb appeal, it also keeps your view from the inside crisp and clear as usual.

It keeps harmful UV rays out

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation not only harms your health but also damages your carpet and furniture. It can cause premature color fading and deterioration. Our high-performance insulation film lets in natural light but keeps 99 per cent of UV rays out.

A word of advice: There’s a massive variation among window insulation films in terms of performance, quality and cost. So always choose a high-quality product with proven results to get the best value.

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