Prevent Graffiti with our graffiti protection film.

Do you have a problem with graffiti and want to protect your surfaces? Graffiti can cause serious damage if the surfaces is not protected, cause great cost and nuisance to you. Sometimes it can even cause permanent damage to glass, meaning you have to get the window or glass panel replaced. Luckily, we at Ultrashield provide a solution.

Graffiti can be a serious problem that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to get rid of. Home and business owners alike share the concern of protecting against graffiti.

If your property has been targeted and you are lucky and it’s just light paint that has been used, it may well be possible to remove it if your glass was treated and you use the glass cleaner. Because of the treatment, the paint won’t be able to stick and should come off easily. This is a good method of preventative maintenance that will ensure your glass is protected before it happens.

If you want to make sure even more serious damage won’t affect¬† your glass, you may have to take further steps. Did you know that you can protect your glass from vandalism by means of a film? A graffiti protection film specifically designed to act as a sacrificial layer on the glass will prevent damage being caused to your glass and windows, should someone feel the need to vandalize your property. Our film protects your glass by taking the hit and making sure that scratches, paint or other vandalism won’t cause permanent damage to the glass itself. It will take the damage and can then be peeled or possibly cleaned, depending on the vandalism, sparing your glass. Once peeled, you can reapply a new film and your glass will look like new, as if nothing ever happened.

If this sounds like something you could benefit from on your home, office or building, talk to us at Ultrashield today. Protect against graffiti with our protection film by calling 0800 485 872. We will advise on the film that will suit your situation best and make sure that your home or building remains protected.


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