Is UV protection Achieved With Window Tinting?


A common concern for the protection of people as well as increasing life of materials is blocking UV rays from entering into our homes and offices. Great emphasis has been put on this in recent years, claiming everything from lowering energy costs to extending the life of your sofa. And the facts have shown that all this is true. But, how do you block out UV from entering your home or office?

Window tinting is often the first answer that you will get to this question. But does it really do the job? Of course the answer will be that it depends of the quality of film, but as a general rule, yes it does. Window tint films do, in fact, prevent UV rays from entering through the glass and onto your skin or materials within the home, office, or even car for that matter.

The window tint films supplied by Ultrashield have been tested and provided to block out 99% of UV rays. This not only greatly reduces your chances of developing skin cancer, but also reducs fading on furniture, carpets, display stock and anything else kept in the area. Heat and glare can also be reduced by up to 75%, which is another benefit of the film and especially useful in office situations.

If you would like to find out more about window tint applications as well as UV protection technology, visit our window tinting page or give us a call.

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