How can you make privacy glass?

Privacy is what we all desire.  But we also want views and sunshine and light which means windows.  Now there is a way you can have all the view, sunshine and the light without sacrificing your privacy or even opening up your belongings to sun damage.  There are so many things you can do now such as stained glass, textured glass, sandblasted glass and frosted glass.  This article is going to discuss the option of using film which can be done in images or print shades and so forth.


Using UV film can reduce UV rays up to 99% which can protect your belongings such as carpet, and couches from sun fade and sun damage.  Using film can also reduce heat in the summer but will also act as an insulator in the winter keeping heat inside.  These films can stop people looking in giving you privacy but you can still see out clearly from the inside.  There are even options such as anti-graffiti to further protect your home or business.  Films can also be used that bond to the glass that absorb impact and stop shattering thus help preventing break-ins and damage from weather.  Frosted film will still let about 90% of light into your home but will keep prying eyes out.

Window film is generally made of polyester as it has better clarity, strength and stability than other materials.  There is now a huge variety of films so they will suit most any need. There are many different grades, shades, colours, designs, thicknesses etc.  Using a window film will also save costs by reducing the need for heating and cooling.  Lately more and more films are being made of ceramic or metallic.  They generally cost more but again reduce energy transmission even more and ceramic can block UV rays and control heat transfer even better.  Security films made to prevent smashed windows from intruders are usually made of plastic. These are usually installed in shop windows to help prevent break ins.

We at ultrashield offer Penjerex as a window insulation film.  This film blocks out UV rays by 99% which as we have said protects your belongings from sun damage.  This film also offers a measure of security against injury if a window is broken.  It won’t affect the look of your windows as it is virtually transparent.  It also insulates your home so you save on heating and cooling.  Penjerex is the highest performing window insulation film available and comes with a 10 year replacement warranty.  So call us today for a free quote.

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