Glass Tinting, the how’s, what’s and why’s

Glass tinting on vehicles is used to block out harmful UV rays from the sun as well as blocking out bright headlights from other vehicles. The sun will not only heat the interior to an uncomfortable temperature but also can be damaging, both to you and the interior, especially if it is made of leather. Not only does this result in an unpleasant looking interior but it can also be unsafe. It will require you to put more strain on the motor of the vehicle by using the air conditioning. Window tinting is a cost effective way to help keep a vehicle interior cool in the summer while also providing protection against the UV rays for you and the materials making up your vehicle’s interior, all while saving you money on fuel. It also adds a privacy factor by preventing others from simply peering in to see what is inside your car, thus making it less likely that your car will be robbed. The exterior appearance of the vehicle will also benefit from window tinting as it will appear more stylish and modern.

Buildings also benefit from glass tinting for much the same reasons as vehicles. It will keep rooms private from the outside where needed such as doctors offices or clinics. Patients will feel much more comfortable knowing that they are not seen. Financial institutions such as banks can benefit too as it will increase privacy levels inside the building and make customers feel more comfortable. It will also help cool the inside of buildings during the warm months which will save energy as well as keep the premises comfortable for the occupants.

Window tinting is available in many different colours and finishes ranging from simple black to stainless steel, full metal and other special finishes and colours to meet any style requirements.

We can supply different grades of UV film and Glass protection film that include a tinting ability for residential and commercial applications. Speak to us today and find out how effective and affordable our systems really are.

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