Glass Film – How you can benefit?

Firstly, what is glass film? Glass film is a protective film applied to glass, especially windows, with 2 main purposes: to protect the glass and to prevent UV from entering the building through the glass.

So how can you benefit from glass film? When glass film is applied to windows, it protects the glass itself from scratches, stains, etching, water marks and other damage. Your windows will stay in the condition that they were when the film was applied, like new.

The film also blocks out UV rays, which helps to keep the interior cool and comfortable as well as prevent deterioration to materials inside such as leather or cloth on furniture. This means less cost to cool down the place and less cost in the long run replacing furniture.

We at Ultrashield provide a wide range of glass and window films to suit all needs. We have a range of finishes and colours, esuring that we will have a film to suit you. Talk to us today by calling 0800 485 872.


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