Commercial Tinting Services Available.

Window tinting provides benefits to any building with windows and glass. This is includes all commercial properties. Thus, Ultrashield provides commercial glass tinting services as well so that owners of commercial buildings can stick with the brand they know when it comes to getting their windows tinted.

Ultrashield’s commercial glass tinting service is the perfect solution to keeping your building safe from UV rays and harmful glare. Our commercial grade films are specifically designed for buildings such as offices, making sure that enough light is provided while blocking out all the unwanted and harmful aspects of it.

The tinting process begins with the cleaning of the glass, and possible restoration if necessary, to ensure a perfect surface. The tint that has been selected is then applied to the window, ensuring there are no errors, bubbles or any other blemishes in the finish. You can expect a perfect job, every time. One final check, and the glass tinting is complete.

Our window tint has been applied to many commercial buildings with excellent results. You’re building will be kept cooler and harsh lights will be blocked, making for a much more comfortable experience while being inside.

If you would like to have glass tinting done on your commercial building, contact us at Ultrashield.


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