All About Window Glazing, What You Need To Know

Window glass, which is called glazing, is a very complex topic and has come a long way since the old days when windows were only a single pane that separated you from the elements. Today, windows are designed to be energy efficient and come with glazing systems that can include multiple panes of glass, gas fillings and heat sensitive coatings. This can all seem rather complicated, but the end result will pay off in increased comfort and a reduction in energy costs.

Types Of Window Glazing

Single pane – Single pane windows are windows with just one layer of glass. These are very common on New Zealand homes, especially on older houses. They are not very efficient, offering little protection from heat or cold. Single pane windows are no longer a very popular option for new homes. If you do decide to go for the traditional look with single pane glass, make sure to choose some with well made wooden frames and tight fitting storm panels to help increase energy efficiency.

Double-pane insulated glass – The popular option for the modern home, most new windows sold are double-pane glass. Sometimes called insulated glass, these windows have an inert gas, usually argon or krypton, is sealed between the inner and outer panes. The gas is a poor thermal conductor, so it works to slow down the passage of heat through the glass which eliminates the need for storm windows.

Triple-pane insulated glass – Even more efficient that double-pane windows, triple-pane insulated windows contain two layers of sealed gas within the frame. These types of windows are excellent for extreme climates and provide excellent sound insulation for noisy areas such as houses near motorways. However, they are very thick, heavy and expensive.

Other methods of increasing window glazing efficiency – Other methods of increasing window glazing efficiency include window films and coatings that reduce the amount of heat that passes through the glass. Almost all new windows sold today come with these coatings as standard. Depending on the climates, these coatings can be tailored to let the sun’s energy in or block it out, as well as how much heat is transmitted from the outside which benefit colder regions.

Protecting Your New Glass

If you are getting new windows installed and want to protect them right from the get-go, Ultrashield’s window treatment and protection is what you need. While the windows are new is the ideal time to apply the treatment, which will protect the glass from new, making it low maintenance and maintaining the new look for years to come.


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