What Can Concrete Protection Do For You?

Did you know that you can apply treatment and protection to concrete? Keeping your concrete looking clean and new is made very easy with a treatment and protection.

concrete_protection_treatmentApplying a treatment to your concrete will ensure that it will keep it’s original look and be easy to clean. It works by reducing water absorption of the concrete, thus build up of moss, algae, mildew and mold. It is a bio-degradable and non toxic treatment, meaning there are no side effects to the surrounding environment.


Cleaning what moss and algae does manage to grow is very easy, requiring a simple hose down or quick water blast. No need for hard scrubbing or harsh chemicals to be used. Upon application, we will provide full instructions on how to maintain your concrete surfaces.

For more information, visit our concrete and paving treatment page and call us on 0800 485 872 to get your concrete treated!

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