The benefits of window treatment and protection

Window treatment comes with many benefits when applied to windows.  It is a specifically designed product which protects and keeps windows and glass surfaces clean. But there is another use. Our window treatment is the perfect product to use if you find ice build up a problem. This can happen in snowy and very cold areas and can be a big problem especially when it’s on your car’s windscreen and you need to go. By repelling water and other liquids, it prevents them from building up and causing a frozen layer. This windscreen has been treated with our window treatment and as you can see, no ice.


It is a very easy to apply product and requires no special treatment. You don’t need to go out of your way to accommodate for it and it makes cleaning much easier. It also eliminated stains and grime build up. It is best to apply window treatment when the glass is new if possible to avoid the need to restore the glass before applying it. Ask us about window treatment for your home of car today.

Also Ask about our glass protection film solutions. We will en-devour to post some information about our systems here on the blog soon. Stay tuned. If you have any questions before then please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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