Methods Of Protecting Glass

If you have just installed new glass or have had yours restored, you will be looking to keep it in it’s current condition, like new. What is the best way to do this?

There are several types of protection you can use to protect glass. Protection films are one and coatings are another.

glass_protection_filmProtection films.
Glass protection films are physical films that are applied to the glass, primarily to stop scratching and damage to the glass itself. Common uses for protection films are on windows and glass that is facing externally, as this is where damage like scratching is common. They are also great for protecting your windows against vandalism.

glass_treatment_cloatingGlass Coating.
Glass treatment coating is a treatment applied to the glass, designed to repel water and thus prevent stains, mold and salt etching. These coating are used generally for glass indoors, such as showers or glass kitchen surfaces, where scratches are less likely to occur.

The type of protection you will want to use will depend where the glass is and what it’s used for. For external windows, it is generally recommended to use a protection film. For interior glass surfaces, glass treatment coating will do the job.

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