How much do you pay for window cleaning?

Picture the feeling of newly cleaned windows, the crystal-clear view, nice light flowing in from outside and even the inside of your place seems cleaner. It’s all great until the first windy and rainy day and the dirt starts to build up again and you start to dread the next clean. Whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it!

It doesn’t have to be like this though, did you know that you can treat your windows to protect from water etching and reduce up to 90% of your cleaning time? As we all know; time is money! Continue to read and we will explain how it works.

What is Glass Protection?
Glass might look like a perfectly smooth surface, but it’s actually porous, allowing dirt and other contamination to easily stick to the surface. Depending on where your property is located, the windows can also be effected by acid rain or salt water etching, causing permanent water marks and an unwanted ‘milky’ looking glass. Our protection product, Eurocoat Glass Premium, is a high-quality German engineered nano-technology product that creates an optically clear skin on top of the glass, protecting your glass from etching,and preventing dirt from sticking to the surface.  You can read more in detail here on our website .Windows that already suffer from etching can be restored before treating the glass. After being restored, the glass treatment comes with a 5-year warranty and is easy to re-treated.

Save up to 90% of your cleaning time
Cleaning untreated windows can be tiring and take time, especially at two-story buildings. Scrubbing the dirt off and getting a streak free finish. With treated windows however, scrubbing is nothing but a memory of the past. Instead, for a great result, simply hose off your windows and you’re done! Yes, you read it correctly, it is as simple. For an exceptional result, hose off and then squeegee off excess water and dry around the edges with a microfiber cloth. TIP… did you know that the dreaded rain is now helping you to keep your windows clean? It works basically as a hose off. Best of all? The windows stay clearer to look through in-between the glass cleans as well.

Time is money
We assume that if you read this, you appreciate spotless windows as much as we do. We also assume that you feel that you spend either too much time or/and money on keeping them clean.

Hiring a professional start at $200 for a small 2-bedroom house per clean. The cleaners we have spoken to say their customers prefer to have the windows cleaned every two – three months so you can easily see how the cost quickly builds up. With an easy clean method of hosing off (as mentioned above), you can either ask your cleaner to continue with the same method, or you may even consider doing it yourself? In any case, time is money and a treatment will save you or your cleaners a lot of time!

Coastal homes
Costal homes are exposed to much harsher conditions than others. If you have a costal property, we’re sure you would have noticed the etching effect of salt water already. Brand new windows can start to show permanent signs of etching  normally within months of being installed.  This will vary depending on the harsh conditions the glass is exposed to and how close to the water the house is located. Eurocoat Glass Premium doesn’t only prevent dirt from sticking on the glass but also protects from etching. If you hose off your windows after days where salt water comes onto your windows and reapply the protection every 5 years, your windows can last a lifetime without that milky look that comes with etching. TIP: You don’t want anything stopping you from enjoying that billion-dollar view, do you?

Commercial buildings
If you’re reading this article in a position as a property manager or maintenance manager, you might be  looking for ways in keeping you glass doors or windows looking spotless at all times with as little effort as possible. We can definitely help you with that! As described above. Long gone would the surface scrubbing be and instead a simple hose off (outdoors) or wipe off (indoors) would be all you need and your maintenance team would be done in a jiffy. And best of all? It will still look better in between the cleans since the dirt doesn’t adhere to the surface as it does on an untreated one.

Did you know that Eurocoat Glass Premium can be applied to all glass surfaces including: Showers, Balustrades, Mirrors, Splashbacks, Car Windscreens and Boat Windscreens?

Want to find out more or have any questions or require a free quote? Contact us  today.

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