Is Glass Restoration Possible?

Glass is a wonderful feature, whether in your shower, homes, or even boats. When properly maintained, you can keep glass clear and clean. However, especially in boats, glass can look dingy and dirty, no thanks to sea salt and other external factors. Glass also deteriorates as time goes by. So what can you do to maintain the cleanliness of your glass?

It’s quite expensive to replace glass, especially for boats. So what can you do to keep your glass clean and looking brand new? At Ultrashield, we make it our business to keep your glass clean and sparkling with our restoration services. Meaning, you don’t have to replace old glass with new ones. We give you a full service where we restore your existing glass to its original beauty, regardless of its present condition. Yes, glass restoration is possible.

Read on to find out more about Ultrashield’s surface protection, cleaning, and treatment services, among others.

Marine Boat Surface Protection, Cleaning, and Treatment

Ultrashield provides surface protection, cleaning, and treatment for marine boat surfaces. This is vital for boat owners who desire “easy clean” glass and “clarity of vision” during rough sea conditions. Our liquid glass treatment provides improved wet weather vision, day or night.

Our UV stable treatment prevents salts and other contaminants from etching into your boat’s glass. It creates a low maintenance surface that repels water, oil, salt, and other contaminants easily.

Ultrashield Restores Boat Windows

At Ultrashield, we restore your boat windows. In a perfect world, its best (and more cost effective) to have the glass windows treated before you hit the sea. However 9 times out of 10 this is not always the case. So, before we treat the surface, we do a full restore (additional cost) to remove unwanted acid rain spots, leaving an ongoing easy clean surface.

Here Are the Benefits of Liquid Glass Marine Surface Protection:

  • Optically clear
  • Improves wet weather vision considerably, particularly at night
  • Allows boat owners to see imminent danger and objects earlier and clearer
  • Improves reaction times to danger
  • Resists salts and other contaminants etching on the glass
  • Creates a low maintenance surface
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Repels water, oil and other liquids
  • High temperature resistant
  • Enormous abrasion resistance
  • Is UV stable; does not turn yellow or peel.

Residential Window and Glass Cleaning, Protection, and Treatment

Keep that million dollar view with water-repelling Ultrashield glass treatment. We protect your glass windows from acid rain, salt spray, chlorine, grime, residue, and other contaminants. One single treatment is an easy way to reduce cleaning time and keep your windows looking brand new. If you are sick of cleaning your windows and glass, then glass treatment is for you.

Excellent for New or Old Windows

Ultrashield application helps prevent damage to your glass windows, especially when you’re building new residential or commercial projects. We offer glass restoration to remove acid rain spots and glass treatment to prevent further damage to your glass windows.

Ultrashield Glass Treatment Gives You All These Benefits:

  • Uses a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product
  • Is a glass coating that repels water, oil and other liquids effectively
  • Preserves your view by repelling water effectively
  • Reduces dirt and grime build up
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • Eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Scratch resistant (regular wiping will not remove the coating)

Ultrashield Experts Install Signage

Get your signage installed by the signwriting experts. Ultrashield are your one-stop shop for all signwriting needs. Need your current sign restored? Looking to start a new brand? From design to creation and installation of the design, we take care of the whole job so all you need to do is have an idea in mind.

We specialize in the designing, creation, and installation of all signage and signwriting. Wall prints, vinyl applications, and illuminated signs are all part of our service. Custom work is no problem.

What You Can Expect From Ultrashield’s Signage Service:

  • Professionally designed logos and images
  • Quality application of design lasting for years to come
  • An eye catching, attractive sign that will be the envy of all surrounding storefronts or offices

Ultrashield’s signwriting service is available for vehicles, business buildings, public facilities, and homes. Anywhere you need a sign – we can create and install one.

 Glass Cleaning

With our Glass Treatment, cleaning your glass is reduced to a simple clean with a mild detergent. No more hard scrubbing your glass for hours to get the stains off.

Low Maintenance, Easy Clean

At Ultrashield, our friendly Installers leave every customer with cleaning instructions for ongoing maintenance. However, in general, a simple hose down finished off with a squeegee will help maintain that brand new look. Remember this treatment is LOW maintenance and easy clean, not no maintenance, no clean.

Ultrashield provides glass restoration, protection, and treatment services for boats, windows, signage, showers and baths, balustrade, insulation film, metal, concrete, tinting, among others. Inquire about Ultrashield’s services here and get your free quote right now.

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