DIY Tips for Window Cleaning

No matter how much time you spend on cleaning your home, if the windows are dirty, the overall impression isn’t going to be great. Here we’ve gathered some information for you to dive into for the most efficient ways of cleaning and maintaining clean windows.

  1. Squeegee water/vinegar or window cleaning spray. Read the full description in our previous blog post 
  2. Try the old trick of cleaning your windows with newspaper. Spray water on the surface and then rub dry with crinkled sheets of the paper. It takes some work but cleans most of difficult build-ups with the rough surface of the paper.
  3. Buy or hire a glass cleaning machines such as vacuum window cleaner or steam cleaner. Make sure to get one of good quality or you can end up disappointed with half-cleaned windows.
  4. Hire the professionals. Spend your time on something you like instead, and let them do the hard work. The result will be spotless. Ask them to treat your windows with glass protection while they’re there and your future cleaning will be brought down to a minimum. Read more about window glass protection below.

5 ways of maintaining clean windows
Why does the rain in New Zealand always seem to come from a 90 degree angle? You clean and clean and after the first rainfall, they can look almost as dirty again. How do you actually keep the windows as clean as possible? Here are our 5 recommendations to keep your windows clean longer.

  1. Identify where the dirt is coming from. Is the dirt brought by the rain? Maybe splashing on the ground falling from a full drain? Bird poo? Maybe even mould growing on them?
  2. Do something about that! Can you or your landlord fix that drain? Air out your house to prevent mould. Maybe look at a long-term solution to prevent rain falling straight onto your windows?
  3. Don’t let it build up! Save some sweat by regularly removing the dirt.
  4. Have you ever felt that it doesn’t matter how much you clean your windows; they still look dirty? You’re not the only one. Did you know that glass is a liquid porous material? That means that dirt can get into those pores and that material will alter (undetectable to the eye) with temperature? That means dirt can get trapped in to the pores and that it can be difficult to remove without the right knowledge and tools. Ask a professional to help you restore the glass and get that one-million-dollar view back.
  5. Or why not break up with window cleaning as you know it? Reduce your cleaning time by up to 90% by treating your windows with our Eurocoat Window Glass Protection. It forms a skin over the glass that prevents acid rain, dirt and grime from getting in to the pores. No more scrubbing or harsh chemicals, no more streaks. Just hose down or wipe with a damp microfibre cloth and your windows will be sparkling clean at once. Did we say that the product is environmentally friendly?

Interested in getting to know more about Window Restoration and/or Eurocoat Window Protection? Contact us today for your free quote.

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