How To Clean Windows For Long-Lasting Results

Autumn is approaching and we will soon start to spend more time inside. It’s time to give your windows a good clean before you get annoyed by looking out through a layer of stains and dirt. Follow these five steps for sparkling clean windows (or skip half-way down if you want to make it easy for yourself):

1. Use a soft broom or brush to get rid of the spiderwebs and debris around your windows.
2. Wash the windows with soapy water and a microfiber cloth or sponge. For stubborn stains, we recommend rubbing a piece of crinkled newspaper on the glass.
3. If your windows were very dirty to start with, you can repeat step 2 with clean water and cloth for a better result.
4. Squeege the windows dry. Always start at the top and work vertically. Each new stroke should overlap the previous one with an inch or two. Pro tip: Clean the squeegee on a towel after each stroke to remove excess water, dirt and soap.
5 Dry the vertical edges and windowsill with a dry cloth. Done!

To avoid streaks, always try to wash your windows out of direct sunlight as the heat will dry your windows to quickly before you’re done squeegeeing.

Or just skip the hard work and get the professionals to treat your windows to keep cleaning to a minimum

Did you know that most of the dirt we see is actually stains inside the pores of the glass? Especially living in New Zealand we’re exposed to acid rain that etches the surface and leaves watermarks that are hard to remove. If you’re living by the ocean I’m sure you’ve noticed the marks salt water leaves as well. Treating your windows with Eurocoat glass protection products will make your windows look as new again and future maintenance will be brought down to a minimum.

To get rid of those old stains and etchings, we start the treatment with a rejuvenation of the glass. Using a buffer to create heat (that’s how you open the pores) together with Eurocoat Glass Rejuvenation liquid we are getting rid of the old stains and restore the surface making the glass look as new again.

Next step is to apply Eurocoat Window Protection, which is a high-quality SiO2-coating based on nanotechnology. When applied if forms a clear protective skin (not visible to the eye) with a contact angle of 105-109 degrees that makes the water bead down instead of spreading on the surface. The dirt (grease, oil, lime and environmental pollution) will adhere less to the surface and be easily removed since it’s not entering the pores. The coating is UV-resistant and stands a fair amount of wiping and scrubbing.

Will you ever be cleaning your windows again? Yes, but your windows will look clearer for longer and cleaning will be done in a breeze. Just rinse with a hose and use a squeegee or dry cloth to wipe off. No scrubbing or harsh chemicals needed. Optional is to use a bit of soapy water now and then for a crystal clear result but most people are happy without. For brand new external windows we give you a warranty of 5 years and 3 years for used windows.

Contact us today for more information or to get a free quote for a long-lasting treatment of your windows.

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