The Best Way To Clean Windows

Keeping windows clean is a common struggle among home owners. No matter how much you seem to clean, there are spots and stains which seem to appear as soon as the window dries. What can you do if you are struggling to clean your windows?

There are several methods to clean windows which can work well if you are having a hard time keeping yours clean. With a few simple household supplies you can successfully clean your windows with these tricks.

Using a squeegee
A squeegee is one of the most important tools you can use for cleaning class. Due to the way the squeegee removes water along with dirt and grime off the glass, it makes for streak and stain free windows by drying them clean. No matter what solution you use to clean the glass, a squeegee should be your tool of choice to remove the water and ensure a dry, stain and spot free window.

Vinegar is a commonly used household supply which works well to clean windows. Mixing it with water works well and does a great job good getting rid of grime, dirt and spots. You can mix in a small amount of dish washing liquid for some extra strength.

Another good product to use for cleaning windows is alcohol. Due to its dissolving properties, it makes for an excellent window cleaner and does a great job getting rid of stains. It can be used direct with a rag, or thinned down with water and sprayed onto the glass with a spray bottle and wiped with a squeegee or clean cloth.

Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is an old home method for cleaning windows that has been around for decades. Lemons contain natural acidity which helps cut through grease and dirt. By mixing the lemon juice with water it will be diluted enough to leave a clean window with no streaks.

Ammonia is another product which can be used in combination with water to clean windows. Mix it in a spray bottle and spray the windows to pre-treat, then clean with squeegee or cloth.

Ultrashield Window Treatment
If you want to make window cleaning easier than ever, Ultrashield’s window treatment is what you need. By applying a layer of protection on the glass which repels water and therefore dirt and grime, your windows will be easier to clean than ever. Whether old windows or new windows, treatment will work to make cleaning easy as well as protect them to keep them looking new.

If you would like to discuss applying window treatment to your windows, contact us today.

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