5 Things You Must Know About Glass Protection

From countertops to accent walls and shower doors, glass is used in interior design for both decorative and utilitarian purposes. We love using glass to bring in natural light, to open up a space or simply to strengthen surfaces.

The only catch is glass can be a pain to maintain. Keeping those glass surfaces spotless and clear can take a lot of work. Here, we talk about things you need to know about protecting your shower doors, windows or countertops…

Keep them dry

The longer hard water stains or soap residue sit, the harder they will be to remove. And once they have fully set in, it’s next to impossible to restore the glass to its original state.

To prevent stains and soap scum from building up, make sure to dry the surfaces using a squeegee or a lint-free towel after each use. It takes little time and minimal effort. The only drawback is you have to do it on a daily basis, which requires getting everybody at home into a new daily habit.

Acid cleaners can do more harm than good

Acid-containing products are often recommended for shower glass cleaning or window cleaning. Although they work well in loosening hard water spots and stains, they are extremely toxic and can burn you if they get in touch with your eyes or skin. They are also corrosive and can deteriorate stone, natural marble, polished aluminium and coloured grout.

Natural home remedies such as white vinegar and lemon are safer to use and more environment friendly, but they take longer to work and only removes newer stains.

Abrasive cleaners aren’t any better

Scotch brite, steel wool and baking soda can all be used to clean glass stains and grime. These abrasives work well on new stains and small areas of hard water deposits. That being said, older stains and heavy concentrations of build up will require more than scrubbing to be removed.

Abrasive cleaners can also cause scratches on the glass surface, which makes it easier for dirt, stains and soap residue to stick.

Rain repellent doesn’t make glass soap scum proof

You have probably heard of this DIY trick. In theory, it’s an effective solution. But while rain repellent keeps water away, it doesn’t prevent minerals from sticking to the glass surface.

Sealing and treating your glass protects from future damage

While it doesn’t guarantee a no-clean solution, sealing glass and applying shower protection reduces cleaning time by up to 90%.

A professionally applied glass treatment creates an invisible protective layer than repels water and keeps dirt away. So even if you don’t have time for daily shower glass cleaning, you don’t have to worry about etching or soap scum build up. Plus, it makes your glass shower and windows scratch resistant. Even better is the fact that shower protection and glass window treatment comes with 5 or 10 years warranty.

Whether your windows and glass shower are new or older, getting them professionally treated can keep them looking new for years. For more information, speak to us today!

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