Window Tinting On A Skylight

In the head office of Auckland Transport in Henderson, it was very hot, their air con was working overtime, their staff in the conditions uncomfortable. They needed a solution. So they came to us.

Auckland_transport_skylightThe job involved window tinting the skylight that was installed on their roof. What did this achieve? By applying a reflective tint film to the skylight, heat was reduced by 77% and glare by 79%, however light loss was only about 12%. We would say that is a great trade off, especially since the offices are now comfortably to be in and the air conditioning can keep up, yet light is still able to shine through the skylight. The photo to the right shows the difference between the glass with the film and the glass without.

If your building, office or home suffers from intense heat, talk to us about window tinting. It may just be your solution.


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