Ultrashield’s Marine Tint And Protection.

Along with all of our home surface protection products, we supply a wide range of produces for marine purposes such as yachts and boats. Sea bound vessels can go through a lot of abuse due to being right on sea water. This can be disastrous for both glass and metals if they are not protected.

Our range includes protection products for metal and glass in marine situations. Being on the ocean can be particularly harmful for metal, even stainless metals, because of the salty nature of the water. This can wear down the protective coatings and cause the metals to corrode or rust. On glass it causes unpleasant looking stains and water marks which can stain the glass and be very hard to get off.

Our protection products give the protection that is needed to keep the surfaces of your boat or yacht in optimal condition. By repelling water and providing a protective layer, our protection products will keep the surfaces free of corrosion, stains and dirt.

We also have window tint which is specifically made for marine purposes. Window tint on boats comes with many advantages including protecting the glass, the interior of the vessel and providing a much more comfortable living area inside by lowering light levels and heat. This is an example of one of the boats that we have applied window tint to:


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