Shower protection – Reduce cleaning with Ultrashield shower treatment.

Showers are susceptible to many problems when it comes to keeping clean. They often experience build up of grime and soap scum as well as water etching and staining. These can be very difficult and time consuming to clean.

We at Ultrashield supply the perfect product if you want to keep you shower in new condition. Our shower protection and treatment will keep your shower protected and make it extremely easy to clean, normally just a case of wiping it down.

Have a look at this shower we have treated:


before shower



After shower

As can be seen, this shower had major water etching on the front glass. After our shower treatment it looks like new! The shower will stay this way with minimal maintenance. This has been done for many showers in the past and has worked every time.

By repelling water, the shower treatment makes sure that nothing sticks to the surfaces in the shower. This is what makes it so easy to clean and keeps it free from stains. Your shower can look as good as new, all you have to do is give us a call.

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