How UV window film can protect your health.

While the sun is very useful, providing us with light, heat and other vital elements for life, it can also be the cause of damage. Especially in New Zealand where the Ozone is depleted, the sun’s UV rays can be rather damaging. UV rays can be harmful to you and to other things such as furniture and materials. Causing cancer is one of the things that it can do to you, and it can cause furniture to fade and break down very quickly. We at Ultrashield have a solution.

UV window film is the solution to keeping yourself and your belongings protected from the harmful UV rays. Our window films are specifically designed to keep out UV rays and protect your home and you from them. After much development, our films have been proven to block out 99% of these UV rays, keeping your home or office as safe and healthy as possible, all while still allowing the natural light you need to enter inside.UV_tinting_film

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