How Nano-technology Works With Ultrashiled Glass Cleaning Protection.

True Nanotechnology is measured in nanometers and is 1000 times smaller than the human eye can see. Working at such a scale the molecules provide superior, performance-enhancing attributes such as stronger, smoother, longer lasting and less expensive surface coatings.

Ultrashield’s surface protection has the ability to enable surfaces with both a hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristic. Which is what results in the run-off effect with water and oil.

The run off effect’ (hydrophobic function) is the most popular application of ‘surface influencing’ Nanotechnology.

It’s the hydrophobic function that lets liquid just drip off a surface, making your glass shower so easy to clean.  It also works for glass balustrades, windows, metal, plastic, thus allowing treated surfaces to maintain their clear and clean appearance longer.

The surface, such as glass is also enhanced, leaving an effortlessly cleaning surface of soap scum, dirt, insects, pollution and other such contaminants.

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