What Is Nanoshield?

You’ve probably being hearing a lot lately about nanotechnology.  Welcome to the future. But what is nanotechnology, specifically nanoshield technology? Are there benefits to having it applied?

In a nutshell it is liquid glass, pure glass held in a liquid. It is used to coat surfaces such as windows and metal. You can’t see it once it’s applied and the benefits of it are amazing. The glass in windows is made of sand, waste glass, soda ash and limestone. Nanoshield glass is made of pure silicon dioxide.

So why apply it? Is it really beneficial? As regard to windows, applying it generally makes life easier as dirt will not stick to it and liquids can’t penetrate it. This rids the need to use chemicals, water will do. This is great news for our environment too.

Coating metal in nanoshield stops that brown discolouration from happening and prevents rust. It is great if you live by the beach as it protects metal from sea spray.

It can even be applied to concrete and is beneficial in reducing moss and algae as well as protecting against wear from high traffic areas.

So we see great benefit in commercial use making life easier and increasing the wear of products.  It will also benefit home usage, in the home and out.  Imagine this on your favourite toy, your boat. It will resist salt and other contaminants from etching the glass and will repel oil and water so your maintenance is low.

So ask Ultrashield to apply it and it will increase the life of your home, your boat and your business thus saving you money, time, energy and as a bonus the environment.

Nanotechnology is being used in more and more industries from cellphones to cosmetics. Coming into the market are things like fire protective glass, lighter sports equipment, clothes stain and wrinkle free.  Construction will be faster, cheaper and safer. The list goes on, the possibilities limited only to imagination.

On a personal note, I’m looking forward to clothes being stain resistant and never having to iron, but right now I will settle for my housework being halved, no more scrubbing and replacing things regularly, I will simply wipe with a wet cloth and it will come up like new, living at the beach our cars and boats will no longer succumb to rust and wear saving us money.

Yes friends, welcome to the future.


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