Maintaining Your Protected Surfaces

Maintenance of your surfaces is crucial to ensure that their new finish lasts and is easy to clean. Ultrashield makes maintenance of your surfaces very easy, but you need to stay on top of it to ensure that it lasts as long as it should.Maintaining_your_surfaces

Keeping your surfaces clean is always the first step. Once you have had Ultrashield applied, this should not be an issue by any means. A simple wipe down of all your surfaces after use or when you notice them getting a bit grubby is all that it takes to keep them clean. No need for hard scrubbing.

Every once in a while it will pay to do a thorough clean. Though not strictly necessary, it will help to keep your surfaces looking nice and shiny. Get into all the tough spots and corners you would not normally do and get all the dirt out of there. This will keep all areas of your surfaces in tip top shape, whether it’s your shower glass, balustrade, stainless rails or kitchen bench top.

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