Building A New House? Start Fresh With Ultrashield

The easiest way to keep surfaces looking like the day you bought them is by protecting them right from the get-go. In that case that you are building your new home, this is the perfect time to get your new surfaces protected and get on the road of easy cleaning and maintenance!

protect_surfaces_in_your_new_homeThere is no better time to start protecting your surfaces then when they are new, because they will be free from blemishes, stains, dirt and any unwanted wear or damage. There will be no need for restoration, which is often the tricky bit. By protecting a new surface such as new windows or a new bath, all you have to worry about is keeping it clean, which is not hard at all once treated!

If you are building your new home or have just finished and would like your surfaces treated, talk to us today! We will be able to provide the protection your surfaces need to stay looking just like new for years to come!


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