What Is The Best Way To Clean Glass Shower Doors?

Glass shower doors can be one of the toughest surfaces in the home to keep clean. It is subject to water stains, soap scum, steam and many other contaminants, causing it to quickly lose it’s crystal clear appearance that it once had if it’s not maintained meticulously.clean_glass_shower_doors

If your glass already has stains, spots or water marks, it may not be too late! It is entirely possibly to clean the glass shower doors and restore the glass, getting rid of the staining and restoring it to a like new finish. This will involve polishing the glass to give it back it’s crystal clear appearance. Then treatment is applied to the glass to ensure.

If you are installing new shower glass doors, now is the time to look at getting the glass treated. It is always best to do it when it is new so that you won’t have to worry about restoration later down the road and cleaning your glass shower doors will be a piece of cake from day one!

We can help you to do both restoration and treatment for your glass shower doors, regardless of condition. Speak to us today or find out more on our shower glass cleaning page.

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