Tips On Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

Every housewife, househusband, person who lives in a house who has to clean the shower hates to clean the shower! Even with the best of cleaning solutions it can be a real struggle to keep your shower looking pristine and super shiny week in and week out. And, let’s face it, we all have better things to do with our time than be stuck in a shower cleaning off human grime.

So how can you spend less time cleaning your shower and more time doing the things you love to do? First of all, these five tricks will help you to maintain and keep your shower sparkly clean.

1. Squeegee Every Day

Yes. Every day, after every shower, by every person in your family. Without a doubt, this can be a really effective way to keep your shower glass clean. It doesn’t require much time but it can be difficult getting everyone in the house on board to remember to squeegee after their showers. If you leave the water and soap to stay on the glass after even one shower it will be more difficult the next shower to squeegee the glass clean and then you’ll have to move on to actual cleaning.

2. A Magic Eraser

If your shower has yucky residue, soap scum and mineral deposits then you need to try a Magic Eraser. Magic Erasers are fantastic at making quick work of heavily neglected showers. They are also great at giving your taps and hardware a super shine.

3. Dryer Sheet

Often household cleaning items can have multi purposes and dryer sheets are one of these items. If you get a dryer sheet from your laundry, get it slightly damp, and then use it to scrub down the glass shower door, you will find that the soap scum will soften and come right off the glass.

4. Vinegar or Bleach

Just like household cleaning items can have multi purposes, common staple items that you have in your pantry can be used in multiple ways. Vinegar is something that can do wonders for a shower door. It is less intensive than daily – you only need to use it weekly to get some good results. Make a mixture of vinegar and water with 1-part vinegar and 4-parts water. Spray the mixture on the shower doors once a week and then wipe them off. You can also use bleach to do the same thing. These mixtures will help kill germs that live on the shower door and prevent mould or mildew from forming. This is an inexpensive way to clean the shower door and can be very effective if you remember to do it often enough.

5. Baking Soda

Baking Soda serves a dual purpose in your bathroom. It will clean your shower glass but also deodorize your bathroom. To use it you need to wet your shower glass and then put baking soda onto a wet cloth and wipe it over the glass. You will see that the baking soda creates a paste – this is normal. Once you have gone over the glass wash it off with warm water and you will find that your shower glass shines like new.

While these tips will help you keep your shower looking good, you must be asking yourself if there is a better, easier option.  Well, there is. If you want a solution which will stop you from having to regularly clean your shower, you need Ultrashield’s shower glass treatment. You can make the wise decision to have Ultrashield applied to your shower glass and never have to read another “How to keep your shower glass clean” tip list again!

How does it work? Well, Ultrashield uses nanotechnology to provide a water and soap scum repellent surface, by essentially adding a protective layer onto the glass. This means that once you have Ultrashield installed you will find that the shower water just beads and runs away. The same goes for any flamboyantly thrown shampoo or conditioner. The result is the amount of time you have to spend in the shower trying to get the glass looking clean and shining is reduced to almost nothing. A simple wipe down will restore your shower to looking like new. No need for vinegar or baking soda!

What are you waiting for? Call Ultrashield today and find out just how cost effective and simple this solution is for your home. We promise you’ll be amazed!


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