Shower Glass Treatment And Protection Special!

Are you looking to stop wasting so much time scrubbing your shower clean? Sick of always seeing spots on your glass? We are currently having a great special to help you stop spending all your time doing hard cleaning!


What does this include? Our shower glass treatment special can be for brand new glass which is just being installed or for used glass which either needs or doesn’t need restoration. Restoration will depend on the condition of the glass and if needed will generally restore the glass up to 90% like new condition.

The shower treatment will reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%! By repelling water from the glass, it prevents water spots and stains as well as grime and dirt building up on the glass. This means that cleaning is reduced to simple wipe downs when needed. No need for hard rubbing or scrubbing to try and get the spots out! It is also scratch resistant, so regular wiping will not remove the coating.

If you would like to take advantage of this special, visit our shower glass treatment special page now and fill out the form!

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