Shower Doors Need A Clean?

When you’re on the internet finding ways to get your shower doors clean, it only means the situation can no longer be ignored. To be fair, that’s completely normal since most people are short on time, patience and energy for household chores. Even the squeegee rule, which seems reasonably quick and easy to do, can be daunting.

Unfortunately, that filmy, grungy, filthy shower door isn’t only an eyesore but also a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It’s also bad news to your pocket because old stains and mineral buildup can cause etching and permanent damage to the glass. And, well, removing and replacing your shower doors can cost you a bomb.

Shower cleaning just isn’t something you can put off indefinitely. But there’s got to be a better way, right? There must be a no-fuss, undemanding solution to keeping your shower glass doors sparkling clean.

Well, here it is: get a shower treatment. The truth is that while cleaning can eliminate the gross buildup and some of the stains, it will not reverse etching. Hence, the best line of defense is to prevent the hard water minerals and soap residue from sticking to the glass surface. Let’s tackle it a little further…

How is shower glass treated?

Think of it as shower protection. This method involves coating the glass surface with a hydrophobic nano liquid glass that wicks away water, dirt and chemical residue. The coating is applied only after the glass has been thoroughly cleaned or restored.

Glass may look smooth, but it actually isn’t if you look at it on a microscopic level. It has peaks and valleys where hard water minerals and dirt can accumulate when the water evaporates. This is why you’d notice water drops hang on the glass surface and leave streaks when they dry. What the protective coating does is it creates a smooth layer on top of the glass surface so water and the minerals/dirt it carries will simply slide off.

See the difference between untreated (lower left) and treated glass (upper right):

Water drops spread and hang onto untreated glass surface, but they bead up and slide off on treated glass without leaving streaks.

Performance and longevity

Since the technology has been around for years, you can guess there are a number of similar products on the market. All products might offer the same benefits, but the difference will lie in their performance and longevity.

On one end, there are low-cost coatings which you can apply yourself. They would seem like the practical solution, but truth is they don’t last very long and may cost you even more in the long run. On the other end, there’s the professionally applied shower protection such as Ultrashield that relatively costs more. Here’s why: professional application is vital to ensure performance and longevity. The process includes preparing the surface to ensure it’s free of dirt, grease or any other contaminants. This is something that could be easily overlooked with a DIY shower treatment. If you miss a spot or improperly clean the glass surface, the coating won’t work as well as it’s intended.

Cure time

Some coatings take time to cure, during which you can’t touch the glass or have it wet. In many cases, you can’t use your shower for 24 hours to allow the coating to set completely. And you have to make sure dust doesn’t get trapped in the coating. Ultrashield is different, though. Because it is applied by our trained professionals and dry treated, the nano-coat bonds to the glass surface instantly which means you can use your shower immediately after the treatment.

The treatment takes less than an hour for new glass showers, and anywhere between 1 to 3 hours for existing showers, depending on the age.

Is it maintenance free?

Apparently, no. A treated shower glass door won’t easily stain or build up grime, but it eventually will if you neglect it for a long time. The major benefit of treating your glass shower is the no-fuss cleanup. It’s as simple as wiping the glass with the cloth supplied in the aftercare kit and some mild detergent. No more scouring and deep cleaning!

Treated glass is also scratch resistant so you don’t have to worry about regular wiping damaging the coating. It will last up to 10 years without a reduction in its water/oil/chemical repelling properties or showing any signs of degradation. Our shower treatment comes with a 10-year warranty for new showers and a 5-year warranty for older ones.


Cost is a tricky concept here. Some products are priced much lower than comparable products but will need to be applied three times as much to coat the same shower enclosure. With a professionally applied treatment, you will pay a one-off price plus restoration costs, if any. The price plays around $250 which is already a great deal considering you won’t have to reapply it over the next decade or spend money on cleaning products anymore.

Have your shower door treated by contacting us now and you’ll never have to worry about keeping it sparkling clean!

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