Your Shower Deserves A Treat, Book Your Glass Treatment Today!

Are you sick of the way your shower has water stains on the glass every time you look at it? Don’t want to even think about starting to clean it and given up all hope of it ever looking like the day it was installed? Not to worry, we have a solution!

Ultrashield shower treatment is not only the solution for keeping new shower glass looking new, it is also the solution restoring used shower glass back to it’s former glory and keeping it that way. So whether you are just installing a new shower or you feel it’s long overdue for a restoration, we at Ultrashield can help!

For Used Showers
If your shower is covered in water spots, grime building up in the corners, and generally in need of a good clean, you definitely need our shower treatment. On used shower glass, we apply a glass restoration which will remove all staining, water spots, etching and any other blemishes. This works by our abrasive glass restoration cutting away the contaminants on the glass. It is applied in a similar method to polish on car paint. Once this is done, your shower glass should look like it was just installed. Now it’s time to treat it so that it stays¬† this way.

Treatment For New And Used Showers
One you have restored your shower, or had your new shower installed, it is time to treat the glass. The treatment is applied to the glass with a microfibre cloth and will not leave any effect on the glass once it is buffed out. You will never know it’s there, aside from the fact that your shower glass will look a million times better than everyone else’s. So what needs to be done after the treatment is applied?

Once treatment is applied, you no longer need to worry about scrubbing your shower clean. Once treated, your shower glass will require minimal maintenance, often just a rinse down with soapy water and a wipe with a cloth. If this is done regularly enough, once a week being the recommended interval, your shower will remain in the condition it was the day it was treated.



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