Restoration Of A 12 Year Old Shower

One of the many services that we offer is shower restorations. Showers tend to be exposed to a lot of dirt and grime and get stained and marked very easily. We see many showers on a daily basis that haven’t been protected from new and as a result have etching, water spots and stains all over.

Ultrashield specialises in shower restorations and we can help you to restore your shower no matter how bad the marking or stains are. We have helped many customers over the years to restore their showers to new condition. Take this shower for example:


This shower was 12 years old and badly stained before we applied our treatment on it. By removing all stains, dirt, grime and water spots and then applying our shower treatment, this shower will be easy to clean and will remain looking this good for years to come with minimal maintenance.

If you would like results like this on your shower, read more about our shower treatment and give us a call today!

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