How Much Do You Spend On Shower Glass Cleaning?

Simple chores tend to be the arduous ones, and we would put them off forever if we could. Cleaning shower glass doors is one such chore. In theory, scrubbing the surface with a $5 squeegee after each use sounds simple enough. Not to mention, it’s cheap and takes only a couple minutes out of your day. But who wants to get dirty and sopping wet (again) just after a refreshing shower, right? It’s not surprising that many of us end up leaving the task off until the shower door has become a total eyesore.

When it comes to that, you will probably already have to pay for professional cleaning services to remove those stubborn water streaks, unsightly stains or icky soap scum. And this would easily cost about $250 per glass panel or a $150-250 fee for restoration. The bill could go higher if there is considerable damage and you’ll need new shower glass doors. (Because who likes a dirty, unhygienic shower, right?)

Meanwhile, cleaning products or DIY cleaning kits could set you back anywhere from $50-$280 depending on the brand you use or the “magic” they promise to deliver. Obviously, using these products means that you still need to spend a considerable amount of time and some elbow grease on actual cleaning, which is not entirely practical. Your time is valuable, and spending your precious hours scrubbing your shower just isn’t the most productive. And let’s not talk about the strong smell and harsh chemicals you have to deal with.

So what else can you do?

Luckily, there’s a middle ground here which guarantees way less cleaning time and lower expense on shower glass door cleaning. The answer to all our shower glass cleaner woes is surface protection.

How glass protection works

Glass isn’t perfectly smooth, although it may appear so. Its surface has microscopic peaks and valleys that attract hard water deposits, soap residue and other chemicals, which give the surface a cloudy or streaked appearance. Truth is no matter how diligent you are at cleaning your shower glass doors they are still bound to get discoloured or grimy over time. And the more you put off cleaning it, the more difficult the task becomes.

As you can guess, the best protection is basically to prevent dirt, grease and hard minerals from sticking to the glass surface. One way to do this is by applying surface protection.

Ultrashield surface protection is a liquid glass that uses advanced technology to seal and protect shower glass doors. It creates a non-porous physical barrier that prevents streaking, staining and dirt buildup by repelling water and other nasties we’ve mentioned. In other words, it keeps your shower glass doors virtually spotless for the next 5 or 10 years with very little maintenance.

It’s ultra-thin so it looks barely there. But you’ll see it working its magic in the way the water slides off the clear glass.

This type of glass surface protection is professionally applied to a pre-cleaned surface. If your shower doors are used and have significant buildup, they will first need to be thorough cleaned and/or restored before the treatment is applied. But bear in mind that this will be a one-off deep cleaning probably over the next decade – which means huge savings for you!

Do I still need to clean my shower glass doors?

Yes, but the key words here are “very little maintenance.” It means you can get away with minimal care for your glass doors.

Instead of religiously scrubbing and wiping your shower door, a simple wipe down with a microfiber cloth ONCE a week will do the trick. Everything you need to maintain your treated shower glass doors is inside the after-care kit. It’s normal to notice slight buildup in some places, but you can easily fix that using the non-abrasive pad in the kit and some dishwashing liquid. That’s about 90 percent less cleaning effort and time. No serious commitment is required.

Money talk – is it worth it?

You can expect to pay as low as $249 for the glass treatment. There’s no big difference if you compare that to professional cleaning and restoration services, right?

Wrong. The treatment is a one-off investment that will pay for itself over the long run. If you think of how much money you save from not having to buy cleaning products and the hours you save from not having to scrub your shower daily, $249 makes great economical sense. Pretty sure you have way more important things to spend your time on.

Apart from not hurting your pocket, you’re also saving the environment from all those nasty chemicals that are going down the drain. These benefits almost always justify the initial investment for applying glass surface protection.

How much are you currently spending on cleaning your untreated shower glass doors? Are you ready to start saving that today? Contact us on 0800 485 872.

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