Tips on keeping a shower clean

The shower. It sits in your bathroom as a prime asset. It is large and useful. It can help you flex your vocal chords whilst in it, it can alleviate pain and sore areas in your back. It is a dedicated clean space. So why do so many of us hate cleaning it and why is it SO difficult to keep the soap scum at bay?

At the end of the day humans are rather dirty creatures and to keep clean and healthy we require bathing regularly. The shower provides a good space to do this but unless it too is kept clean then it is all rather pointless.keeping_a_shower_clean

Do any search on the wide world of the internet and there are many tips that you can stumble across to make shower cleaning easier and in some cases they even promote an end to cleaning all together. There are many chemical solutions available that purport to eliminate scum and grease from your showers. If you are more ecologically bent then there are a number of ways that you can clean your shower all in keeping with the clean/green theme.

What are some of the more popular ways to clean your shower?

  • Cover your shower heat with a plastic bag full of vinegar and secure it with a rubber band or hair tie. The vinegar must surround the head. If you leave it there overnight, when you take it off the next morning you’ll find that you have a clean shower head with no real work!
  • If you have the right tools in your shower then it is easy to keep the glass clean. As long as you remember! Keep an inexpensive squeegee in the shower and after you finish showering use it to wipe down the walls and glass. It must be done every time you shower but it will dramatically reduce the amount of scum you find building up on the glass.
  • You can keep a spray bottle of vinegar and water in the shower and spray all over once you’ve finished. This too will keep soap scum at bay – just don’t use vinegar on stone showers as it can eat away at it.
  • If you’re into eco-friendly options for cleaning you could try this lovely smelling home remedy for sparkly clean showers

Lemon Lavender Disinfectant

1/2 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup vodka (excellent germ-killing properties)

10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

1 1/2 cups water (distilled or boiled and cooled)

Pour all ingredients into a clean spray bottle. (These can be purchased at the local $2 type store). A funnel makes this process easier.

Spray around your shower liberally and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

Wipe clean using a microfiber cloth

  • If mould and mildew are present and you want to use a home remedy to keep with your eco-friendly values then this recipe is a winner:

Peppermint and Tea Tree Mould and Mildew Remover
1 cup water
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
10 drops tea tree essential oil
10 drops peppermint essential oil
Mix and store in a dark container.  Spray liberally on mould/mildew, let sit for 1-2 hours, rinse.  Repeat if necessary.

  • If Lemon is a preferred smell in your home then another recommended solution is to cut a lemon in half. Dip one half in baking soda, then rub on the glass door. Once the glass is clean you could rub it all over with a small amount of Lemon oil. The oil repels the water and the soap wont dry onto the glass.

All these solutions – and many others that come recommended – do work. But they require consistent use and at regular intervals. What if you just don’t have the time to have a shower cleaning program? Well you can get Shower Glass protection applied to your shower. This will cut down the soap scum build up. It is not a 100% solution to never having to clean again but most now come with a 90% claim – that in itself could save you up to 50 hours of shower cleaning a year!

How does it work? The latest glass protection products repel hard water, oil, soap scum and grime to keep the glass cleaner for longer between cleans and they work on all indoor and outdoor glass surfaces, including shower doors, mirrors, windows, doors, railings and back splashes. So if you dream of walking into your bathroom and having a sparkling clean shower without lots of effort consider getting glass protection – it will save you time and give you a calm sense of clean.

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Salt Water Damage, how can it be treated?

Kiwis love the outdoors, our country has an amazing outdoor culture, from snowboarding and skiing to hunting and fishing.  As an island surrounded by water we especially love it. Swimming, fishing, boating etc.

But unfortunately with water comes problems.  One of these is Salt Water Damage.  Whether it is to our homes by the sea or our boats or even our cars we get affected by it.  So let’s discus it.

What is salt water damage?


Salt water is corrosive; it affects every surface by eating into it.  It can even penetrate and break down concrete.  It etches into surfaces, especially glass where it causes unsightly damage.  It can even etch into stainless steel damaging the protective layer of it and causing it to rust.  Additionally, mould just loves salt water. It causes mould to grow easier than fresh water which of course can cause numerous health problems.  Yes, salt water causes a lot of damage which can be frustrating to boaties and seaside home owners as they see thier possessions being damaged.

How can it be treated by Ultrashield?

We can restore your possessions to as new conditions and then further protect it from any more damage.  We offer a treatment for basically every surface.  Our treatments can remove what normal cleaners can’t.  For example, on scratched windows damaged by salt water we remove the scratches by a special polish then we treat it with our ultrashield to prevent this from recurring.

Why treat it with Ultrashield?

On metal ultrashield creates a breathable protective layer that repels water and dirt and leaves and easy clean surface.  It is a nontoxic and environmentally friendly product.  Easy to clean means just wiping with a damp cloth. It lasts up to 12 months.  Our window treatments are again nontoxic and environmentally friendly and doesn’t just protect the glass from salt water damage but things like acid rain too.  Also it too is easily cleaned with a wipe from a damp cloth.  This is valid up to 5 years on new windows and 3 on restored glass.  We also have a concrete and paving treatment that again protects the surface from not only salt water damage but lichen and moss.  Its bonus is it has excellent frost/thaw resistance in severe weather conditions.  Of course our treatments are a must for boaties. It will protect your pride and joy and provide an easy clean surface.  Our treatments are UV stable. And just need a hosedown and a squeegee to maintain that brand new look.

So call us today to arrange protection on your valuable assets.  You won’t regret it.

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How may our tinting services help you?

Large areas of glass in our homes and workplaces are becoming popular these days. But with more glass comes a new set of problems, sun damage, privacy, glare and so on.  However, you can have the best of both worlds, glass that offers UV protection, privacy, reduced glare, protection and more.   Welcome to the world of window tinting.  We offer top quality window films including Johnston Window Films, HUPER-OPTIK Ceramic Window Film and 3M.  Our Films will not oxodize or fade as we only use stabilized metals.  Let’s look at five areas

UV ProtectionUV_protection

Our most popular films, Solar films, block out an incredible 99% of UV rays.  This is fantastic as it reduces that dreaded sun fade on carpets, couches and other possessions.  It also reduces heat and glare by 75%. These films all of course come with a warranty and will not oxodize or fade over time as only stabilized metals are used.  They also significantly reduce energy costs by preventing the heat coming through your windows.  It also provides privacy.

Privacy Glassprivacy_glass

Our frosted films are very popular for application in bathrooms or the office. In bathrooms it provides total privacy day and night.  In the office it provides privacy for internal glazed partitions and can be used for ‘vision strips’.  These are an economical vinyl film for acid etched or sand blasted glass.  Our other tinted films also offer privacy so no one can see in but you can see out.

Commercial Tinting

Our window tinting films are perfect for commercial buildings as well.  Especially our anti-graffiti films which provide protection from vandalism, scratching and malicious damage.  It is suitable for exterior application to glass and is perfect to protect signage, shop fronts and public access areas.  It can also be applied to mirrors or showroom display cabinet windows.  This is added to the UV protection and privacy you will gain as well as window protection which we will look at next.

Window Protection

Our safety and Security glass films are up to seven times thicker than standard films.  This is fantastic as if the glass is broken it is held in place by the film.  This protects you from flying glass, from shattered glass that can go everywhere as well as deterring intruders.  This also comes with the additional features of solar control, heat reduction and privacy.  We also have the anti-graffiti films mentioned before to protect your buildings from graffiti.  Again these films can also be applied to mirrors and display cabinets.


Boat and Special applications

We also offer Marine Boat surface protection for all you boaties and fishermen/women out there.  It is UV stable and resists salt and other contaminants from etching into the glass, this creates a low maintenance surface that repels water, oil and other contaminants.  The benefits of this application are

  • Optically clear
  • Improves wet weather vision especially at night
  • Resists salt and contaminant damage
  • Creates a low maintenance surface
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Repels water, oil etc
  • High temperature resistant
  • Enormous abrasion resistance
  • Is UV stable so won’t turn yellow or peel

Back to houses and other buildings. We also offer insulation film, which is as good as double glazing.  This film is called Penjerex which is 95% as effective as double glazing but around half the cost.  Thus you can enjoy your view without freezing in the winter or sweltering in the summer.  It is estimated that just by insulating your windows you can save more than 20% of the cost of space heating.  Penjerex is the highest performing window insulation film available and comes with a ten-year replacement warranty.

So let’s talk pricing.  Call us today for a free quote as pricing depends on what you want and where you want it however long term think of the money you will save by not having to replace carpets and furnishings, by not having to clean up the damage done by vandals, by the savings in heating and cooling your space, yes in the long term you can save a lot of money.

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How can you make privacy glass?

Privacy is what we all desire.  But we also want views and sunshine and light which means windows.  Now there is a way you can have all the view, sunshine and the light without sacrificing your privacy or even opening up your belongings to sun damage.  There are so many things you can do now such as stained glass, textured glass, sandblasted glass and frosted glass.  This article is going to discuss the option of using film which can be done in images or print shades and so forth.


Using UV film can reduce UV rays up to 99% which can protect your belongings such as carpet, and couches from sun fade and sun damage.  Using film can also reduce heat in the summer but will also act as an insulator in the winter keeping heat inside.  These films can stop people looking in giving you privacy but you can still see out clearly from the inside.  There are even options such as anti-graffiti to further protect your home or business.  Films can also be used that bond to the glass that absorb impact and stop shattering thus help preventing break-ins and damage from weather.  Frosted film will still let about 90% of light into your home but will keep prying eyes out.

Window film is generally made of polyester as it has better clarity, strength and stability than other materials.  There is now a huge variety of films so they will suit most any need. There are many different grades, shades, colours, designs, thicknesses etc.  Using a window film will also save costs by reducing the need for heating and cooling.  Lately more and more films are being made of ceramic or metallic.  They generally cost more but again reduce energy transmission even more and ceramic can block UV rays and control heat transfer even better.  Security films made to prevent smashed windows from intruders are usually made of plastic. These are usually installed in shop windows to help prevent break ins.

We at ultrashield offer Penjerex as a window insulation film.  This film blocks out UV rays by 99% which as we have said protects your belongings from sun damage.  This film also offers a measure of security against injury if a window is broken.  It won’t affect the look of your windows as it is virtually transparent.  It also insulates your home so you save on heating and cooling.  Penjerex is the highest performing window insulation film available and comes with a 10 year replacement warranty.  So call us today for a free quote.

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Is glass restoration possible?

The short answer to this question is yes, with Ultrashield it is.   We offer a window treatment service that will get your glass surfaces back to “as new”.  Although prevention is the best we do have a treatment that can remove acid rain spots from your windows or it can be used on your glass shower door where it will bring it back to 80% removing soap scum and dirt on glass that normal cleaners can’t remove.  We can also use it on your boat glass fittings and windows to remove acid rain spots, or clean up those balustrades and get them back to near new.


Once we have restored your view we then apply our application of Ultrashield, this will keep your glass looking its best and prevent future damage as well as making it a breeze to clean.  This is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly glass coating that repels water and oil, among other things. Thus heavily reducing dirt and grime build up and protecting your glass from etching from the dirt and grime. Cleaning no longer requires scrubbing, elbow grease and harsh chemicals, just wipe with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.  Don’t worry you can’t “clean” the Ultrashield off.  The treatment will last three years on restored glass, and five on new glass.  Pricing is subject to needs and sizes so call us or go online to our website for a free quote.

Ultrashield is a New Zealand based company that prides itself on customer happiness.  We work closely with our suppliers and together we keep up with the latest technology and make it available to you at a competitive price.  We don’t just treat glass, we also treat concrete metal and more.  Have a look at our website for more information.

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