Restoring Glass? Know the basics!

Do you…

  1. Have a glass surface that has become ‘opaque’ looking and needs a restoration makeover? Or
  2. You want to prevent your new glass from becoming ‘opaque’ looking? Or
  3. Your thinking of installing a new glass shower or balustrade glass and want to protect it but not sure how much time and effort is involved in keeping it sparkling new??

Well, read on, as we have covered all the basics!

Why does glass become ‘opaque’ looking over time?

Looking at a pane of glass it appears to the eye as ‘smooth and sleek’, but if you were to look through a microscope, you’ll realise that as glass is porous the surface is extremely uneven, in other words imagine a shower glass surface being made up of mountains and valleys! Because of this uneven surface dirt, soap scum, body oils or grease can get stuck into the pores.

Balustrade glass can also be affected from irrigation systems, acid rain, salt water and chlorinated pools turning the glass opaque. There goes that million-dollar view!

But don’t be discouraged, there are efficient ways of both restoring the glass and preventing this from happening again.

What is glass restoration?

It is a process where the glass needs a deep cleanse by using a rejuvenating product and a good non-abrasive application pad to get into the pores of the glass.

You can treat all kinds of glass surfaces:

  • Windows – removes dirt and water marks from acid rain
  • Showers – removes soap scum, body fats, water marks
  • Splashbacks – grease and dirt
  • Balustrades – acid rain, chorine or salt water marks, dirt
  • Glass doors – acid rain, dirt, fingerprints
  • Boat windscreens – salt water marks, dirt

How to make your glass look like new again

A DIY Kit for glass restoration can be done easily if you have the right tools and your glass is light to moderately damaged. We recommend using the Eurocoat Glass Rejuvenator with a white scourer for light duty restoration, or a blue scourer for heavy duty restoration.

This can be done by hand, however you will get better results for hard water staining by using an orbital sander. We do recommend testing on a small patch of glass first.

  • Step 1: Apply Eurocoat Glass Rejuvenator to the damp scourer and apply thoroughly in a swirling motion with a moderate pressure for 2-3 minutes on the same spot.
  • Step 2: Clean the glass with soapy water and squeegee off.
  • Step 3: Repeat above steps if necessary until all spots and stains are gone.

This process can be used on different glass surfaces such as showers, external windows, balustrade glass, car windscreens, splash backs and glass boat windscreens. Please note that this process may remove 50% of etching, depending of glass thickness age and level of damage to the glass. If your glass is heavily damaged by etching, give us a call for your free quote.



Make the result last longer

A good cleaning routine will make the result last longer. If it’s your shower that has been rejuvenated, it can be a good idea to rinse with water and squeegee off the shower walls after each shower and do a weekly wipe down with detergent on a microfiber cloth to prevent build up. Splashbacks to be wiped off after frying and pool balustrades hosed off after swimming. Eventually hard water marks and etching is going to appear but it can be prevented if treated with Eurocoat Glass Premium, as below.

Never do it again
While many surfaces can get back looking as new again, it takes some effort and time to do so. Why not treat them before the damage is done?

If your glass is brand new or has been restored, we recommend you treat the glass straight away with Eurocoat Glass Premium.  This German engineered nanotechnology treatment places an invisible, optically clear treatment over the glass surface, preventing dirt and other contaminants entering into the pores of the glass. It also preventing etching in the first place.

The treatment will last for many years and reduce your maintenance cleaning time with up to 90% as the surface is smoothened out and particles can’t adhere to it. It can be used on all types of glass including showers, balustrades, splashbacks, window treatment, car and boat windscreens. Ask us for more information and get your quote today.


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Why You Need Shower Glass Protection

Imagine stepping into your shower and seeing all the stains on your shower glass. Are you looking for a way to keep your shower glass spotless and shiny?

What if I told you there was a way to keep your shower glass protected and sparkling clean always?

Introducing the latest in shower glass protection and cleaning treatment! Say goodbye to your problems with your dirty and grimy shower glass and doors today.

Shower Glass Protection and Cleaning Treatment

You’re probably wondering, does this stuff really work? How will this cleaning treatment restore your shower glass? Is it possible to really get it looking brand new?

Finally, Ultrashield offers a solution to never having to scrub shower glass clean again! Gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars to replace your shower glass and doors. Now you don’t have to live with such dirty glass in your bathroom.

We will help you keep your shower glass looking brand new with our low-maintenance surface protection cleaning treatment. Now you can reduce shower-cleaning time by up to 90% and treat, seal, and protect your glass shower and shower door from soap scum, water stains, etching, and hard-to-remove dirt and grime.

Your New, Easy-to-Maintain Shower

Right now you’re probably staring at your shower glass thinking to yourself, “How on earth am I supposed to turn this dirty, old shower glass into a brand new version of itself? This means you can have it cleaned without having to replace and install new shower glass doors.

Ultrashield’s shower glass cleaning treatment will ensure that your shower is a pleasure to clean and maintain. We provide excellent results every time – leaving you with a clean shower that looks like new!

Now you can professionally apply our treatment to create an invisible protective layer on your shower glass – one that repels water effectively.

This will not only eliminate the pain of hiring someone to install new shower glass doors, which could cost you a fortune. The best part is, it works for all types of shower glass, old and new.

Perfect for New or Used Showers

Ultrashield applies glass protection for new or used showers. We provide glass restoration, which can restore your used shower to 80% of its original state.

We remove dirt and soap scum build up that you can’t remove using regular household cleaners. After that, we use our German-engineered glass protection product – Liquid Glass – to protect your shower glass and prevent further damage. Our glass treatment makes your shower a dream to clean!

Why You Should Use Liquid Glass Protection

Liquid glass protection offers a vast array of features and benefits:

  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, UV stable
  • Repels water, oil and other liquids effectively
  • Reduces dirt and grime build up
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • No more harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Scratch resistant (regular wiping will not remove the coating)
  • Shower can be used immediately after application
  • Glass protection is the money-saving answer – SAVE Time, Money and the Environment

Shower Glass Cleaner Treatment

In order to maximize the results of your shower glass treatment, simply wipe the surface down with a clean micro fiber damp cloth. This is supplied in your FREE After Care Kit. Do this once a week and make sure to dry with a soft cloth every time.

If you do notice a slight build up of grime, simply get a warm bucket of water with some light detergent and wipe over with a non-abrasive pad. This is also supplied in your FREE After Care Kit. Rinse with cold water and dry. Simple!

Remember this treatment is LOW maintenance and easy clean. It is NOT no maintenance, no clean.

What to Use for Commercial Showers

Ultrashield provide a range of solutions for commercial showers. Our treatment has been applied to many commercial showers, helping to fight and prevent mold, stains, soap scum, and water spotting from the surrounding surfaces.

With our commercial shower protection, maintenance is minimized and keeping the shower clean requires a simple wipe down at regular intervals to ensure that build up is prevented. Talk to us about protection and treatment for your commercial shower today!

Say Goodbye to Dirty Shower Glass

Now that you’ve been introduced to Ultrashield’s amazing shower glass treatment, you can rest easy in the assurance that you will be able to restore your shower glass doors to their former glory.

You will be able to remove the dirt, scum, grime, and other adverse effects of daily use of your bathroom’s shower glass. Your glass will look brand new without you having to break the bank to clean it up.

Not only that, you will also enjoy pain-free cleaning treatment of your shower glass doors. No muss, no fuss. Just beautiful, clean, and sparkling shower glass in your bathroom. Are you ready to have your shower glass doors cleaned? Get your free quote today!

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Is Glass Restoration Possible?

Glass is a wonderful feature, whether in your shower, homes, or even boats. When properly maintained, you can keep glass clear and clean. However, especially in boats, glass can look dingy and dirty, no thanks to sea salt and other external factors. Glass also deteriorates as time goes by. So what can you do to maintain the cleanliness of your glass?

It’s quite expensive to replace glass, especially for boats. So what can you do to keep your glass clean and looking brand new? At Ultrashield, we make it our business to keep your glass clean and sparkling with our restoration services. Meaning, you don’t have to replace old glass with new ones. We give you a full service where we restore your existing glass to its original beauty, regardless of its present condition. Yes, glass restoration is possible.

Read on to find out more about Ultrashield’s surface protection, cleaning, and treatment services, among others.

Marine Boat Surface Protection, Cleaning, and Treatment

Ultrashield provides surface protection, cleaning, and treatment for marine boat surfaces. This is vital for boat owners who desire “easy clean” glass and “clarity of vision” during rough sea conditions. Our liquid glass treatment provides improved wet weather vision, day or night.

Our UV stable treatment prevents salts and other contaminants from etching into your boat’s glass. It creates a low maintenance surface that repels water, oil, salt, and other contaminants easily.

Ultrashield Restores Boat Windows

At Ultrashield, we restore your boat windows. In a perfect world, its best (and more cost effective) to have the glass windows treated before you hit the sea. However 9 times out of 10 this is not always the case. So, before we treat the surface, we do a full restore (additional cost) to remove unwanted acid rain spots, leaving an ongoing easy clean surface.

Here Are the Benefits of Liquid Glass Marine Surface Protection:

  • Optically clear
  • Improves wet weather vision considerably, particularly at night
  • Allows boat owners to see imminent danger and objects earlier and clearer
  • Improves reaction times to danger
  • Resists salts and other contaminants etching on the glass
  • Creates a low maintenance surface
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Repels water, oil and other liquids
  • High temperature resistant
  • Enormous abrasion resistance
  • Is UV stable; does not turn yellow or peel.

Residential Window and Glass Cleaning, Protection, and Treatment

Keep that million dollar view with water-repelling Ultrashield glass treatment. We protect your glass windows from acid rain, salt spray, chlorine, grime, residue, and other contaminants. One single treatment is an easy way to reduce cleaning time and keep your windows looking brand new. If you are sick of cleaning your windows and glass, then glass treatment is for you.

Excellent for New or Old Windows

Ultrashield application helps prevent damage to your glass windows, especially when you’re building new residential or commercial projects. We offer glass restoration to remove acid rain spots and glass treatment to prevent further damage to your glass windows.

Ultrashield Glass Treatment Gives You All These Benefits:

  • Uses a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product
  • Is a glass coating that repels water, oil and other liquids effectively
  • Preserves your view by repelling water effectively
  • Reduces dirt and grime build up
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • Eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Scratch resistant (regular wiping will not remove the coating)

Ultrashield Experts Install Signage

Get your signage installed by the signwriting experts. Ultrashield are your one-stop shop for all signwriting needs. Need your current sign restored? Looking to start a new brand? From design to creation and installation of the design, we take care of the whole job so all you need to do is have an idea in mind.

We specialize in the designing, creation, and installation of all signage and signwriting. Wall prints, vinyl applications, and illuminated signs are all part of our service. Custom work is no problem.

What You Can Expect From Ultrashield’s Signage Service:

  • Professionally designed logos and images
  • Quality application of design lasting for years to come
  • An eye catching, attractive sign that will be the envy of all surrounding storefronts or offices

Ultrashield’s signwriting service is available for vehicles, business buildings, public facilities, and homes. Anywhere you need a sign – we can create and install one.

 Glass Cleaning

With our Glass Treatment, cleaning your glass is reduced to a simple clean with a mild detergent. No more hard scrubbing your glass for hours to get the stains off.

Low Maintenance, Easy Clean

At Ultrashield, our friendly Installers leave every customer with cleaning instructions for ongoing maintenance. However, in general, a simple hose down finished off with a squeegee will help maintain that brand new look. Remember this treatment is LOW maintenance and easy clean, not no maintenance, no clean.

Ultrashield provides glass restoration, protection, and treatment services for boats, windows, signage, showers and baths, balustrade, insulation film, metal, concrete, tinting, among others. Inquire about Ultrashield’s services here and get your free quote right now.

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DIY Tips for Window Cleaning

No matter how much time you spend on cleaning your home, if the windows are dirty, the overall impression isn’t going to be great. Here we’ve gathered some information for you to dive into for the most efficient ways of cleaning and maintaining clean windows.

  1. Squeegee water/vinegar or window cleaning spray. Read the full description in our previous blog post 
  2. Try the old trick of cleaning your windows with newspaper. Spray water on the surface and then rub dry with crinkled sheets of the paper. It takes some work but cleans most of difficult build-ups with the rough surface of the paper.
  3. Buy or hire a glass cleaning machines such as vacuum window cleaner or steam cleaner. Make sure to get one of good quality or you can end up disappointed with half-cleaned windows.
  4. Hire the professionals. Spend your time on something you like instead, and let them do the hard work. The result will be spotless. Ask them to treat your windows with glass protection while they’re there and your future cleaning will be brought down to a minimum. Read more about window glass protection below.

5 ways of maintaining clean windows
Why does the rain in New Zealand always seem to come from a 90 degree angle? You clean and clean and after the first rainfall, they can look almost as dirty again. How do you actually keep the windows as clean as possible? Here are our 5 recommendations to keep your windows clean longer.

  1. Identify where the dirt is coming from. Is the dirt brought by the rain? Maybe splashing on the ground falling from a full drain? Bird poo? Maybe even mould growing on them?
  2. Do something about that! Can you or your landlord fix that drain? Air out your house to prevent mould. Maybe look at a long-term solution to prevent rain falling straight onto your windows?
  3. Don’t let it build up! Save some sweat by regularly removing the dirt.
  4. Have you ever felt that it doesn’t matter how much you clean your windows; they still look dirty? You’re not the only one. Did you know that glass is a liquid porous material? That means that dirt can get into those pores and that material will alter (undetectable to the eye) with temperature? That means dirt can get trapped in to the pores and that it can be difficult to remove without the right knowledge and tools. Ask a professional to help you restore the glass and get that one-million-dollar view back.
  5. Or why not break up with window cleaning as you know it? Reduce your cleaning time by up to 90% by treating your windows with our Eurocoat Window Glass Protection. It forms a skin over the glass that prevents acid rain, dirt and grime from getting in to the pores. No more scrubbing or harsh chemicals, no more streaks. Just hose down or wipe with a damp microfibre cloth and your windows will be sparkling clean at once. Did we say that the product is environmentally friendly?

Interested in getting to know more about Window Restoration and/or Eurocoat Window Protection? Contact us today for your free quote.

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How Are You Protected From Graffiti?

Graffiti can be beautiful pieces of art but most of the times, it’s unwanted vandalism just destroying your property. Except that graffiti removal can be costly and hard work, it’s shown that the general feeling of the neighbourhood is more unsafe with visual signs of vandalism around. If you’re reading this, you probably already got tired of removing graffiti or want to prevent it from happening, again so and we have set up this guide for you.

Be proactive

Prevent the damage to happen from the start. Here are 4 steps to protect yourself from graffiti:

  1. Make it harder to operate undisturbed by installing outdoor lighting. Your choice if it’s on all the time, on a timer or a motion detector.
  2. If you have the funds, install surveillance equipment. No one wants to be filmed committing a crime, right?
  3. Flowers and trees are beautiful to look at and planting them in front or walls or fences minimize the space for the graffiti. Planting lower shrubs under windows can make it harder to reach them, especially if they have got prickles! Ask your local garden centre for low maintenance plants in the right size.
  4. Install a window graffiti protection film on your glass and protection on metal surfaces to protect it from permanent signs of graffiti and scratching. Read more about this below.

Graffiti removal on glass and metal surfaces

Even if you’ve taken the steps above, your property could still be at risk for graffiti. If your surface doesn’t have a protection film you can try these methods for removal:

– Be quick! The faster you remove the graffiti the better chances you have to avoid permanent stains. Studies also show that graffiti removed within 48hrs makes it less attractive for repeat offenders.

– Water blasting can be an effective method on sturdy unpainted surfaces.

– Fresh graffiti may be removed by using paint stripper, oven cleaner or special purpose graffiti removal products. Make sure to read the warning text on these products and follow the protective clothing advice since the chemicals can be harsh on your body. Always test on a small hidden area to know that the surface doesn’t get damaged.

– Bring in the professionals. It can be a time and energy consuming work getting rid of the graffiti if you haven’t invested in any type of protective treatment. The professionals have both experience and access to specialty products and tools and will do the job for you.

– If you can’t get rid of paint or stains; sorry, it’s time to replace or repaint the surface.

How does a graffiti protection film work?

A graffiti surface protection film is a visually clear film you can install on glass and metal surfaces. When damaged, it’s simply pulled off and replaced by a new one and your surface is left unaffected. No need for harsh chemicals that are bad for both you and the environment.

The high-quality film we use at Ultrashield is a unique polyester construction bonded with special adhesives. It doesn’t only protect from paint but also from key scratches and acid etching damage with its hard “CST” coat. No worries about a distorted view when applied to windows or mirrors, it is a visually clear film that adheres well to the surface without leaving bubbles or uneven edges. To remove dirt, just use your normal window cleaning detergent as you would for any window or mirror.

Where can I install a graffiti protection film?

The film is especially great for public areas with high pedestrian traffic. Any glass or metal surfaces that are prone to graffiti such as retail shop and cafe fronts, bathroom stalls and mirrors, bus shelters, public transport vehicles, display cabinets and signage. If you’re unsure, just give us a call for advice.

Why install a protection film?

To summarize, this is what you will gain on installing a graffiti protection film:

–    Protecting your original surface from ugly permanent stains

–    Protects from scratching and acid etching damage

–    Quick and easy installation

–    Easy replacement after graffiti damage. Just peel off and install a new sheet of film and your surface will look good as new again!

–    No need for harsh chemicals while removing the graffiti

–    Saving lots of money on by replacing the film instead of the whole surface. Windows are expensive, right?

Interested in knowing more about our graffiti protection film? At Ultrashield we are specialized surface protection for commercial and domestic needs. Contact us (link) for your free consultation and quote. When you’ve spent the energy and money in making something beautiful, we want to help you to keep it that way.

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