Why Does Rust Form And How Can You Protect Against It?

Firstly, what is rust? Rust is a form of oxidisation that forms on iron metals due to the reaction of iron and oxygen when water or air moisture are present. Rust deteriorates metals, and given enough time, the metal will completely oxidise and disintegrate. Metals which commonly form rust include iron and steel.

protect_metals_from_rustWhat are ways you can prevent rust from forming on your metal surfaces? Protecting the metal from rust by using a sealer is the proven way to minimise and even stop rust completely. The sealer works by repelling water to prevent it from reaching the metal, thus preventing the chemical reaction and rust forming.

We at Ultrashield supply rust treatment and protection for all metal surfaces. If you would like to prevent rust forming on your metals, talk to us today on 0800 4 85872.

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