Protecting Against Rust – Is It Really That Hard?

Rust is known as the cancer of metal. It is known that it is hard to prevent, and when it appears, you can never get rid of it. However, is this really true?

Protecting against rust is made easy with Ultrashield’s Rust Protection Treatment. Our treatment is specifically designed to prevent metals from rusting. But how does it work?

Rust us formed when oxygen and iron are exposed to water or moisture, which causes a chemical reaction, resulting in the red oxidisation known as rust. It is a nasty looking substance that no one wants on their metal surfaces. So how do you stop it?

Ultrashield’s metal surface protection seals metals from water and moisture, preventing the chemical reaction, this preventing rust. It is an easy to maintain treatment and will keep your metal surfaces looking new for years to come. Protect your metals against rust today!

Rust_protection_treatment rust_protection_treatment_2


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