Keeping metals rust free with our rust treatment.

The sight of rust on any metal surface is often followed by a feeling of dread. It is a stain that one there, is very difficult to get rid of permanently.

So what is rust? Rust is the oxidization that forms on steels and other metals. It is caused when the metal is exposed to water or moisture. It can especially be a problem if you live near the seaside as there a lot of moisture in the air. And once there, it can prove to be very difficult to remove, especially to get rid of it for good.

The best way to preserve any metal is to prevent rust from starting to begin with. Luckily, we at Ultrashield have just the thing you need! Our metal rust treatment is designed to prevent rust from forming right from the beginning. It will prevent all stains and oxidization too, meaning your metals will look like new as long as you keep them clean. It does this by repelling water and other liquids, so that they don’t settle on the metal and cause the oxidization.

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