Treating Marine Windows Or Glass

If you have a boat, yacht or other sea vessel, you are no doubt familiar with the struggle to keep glass clean and clear. Salt stains, etching and grime are all very well known pests which boat owners need to battle against. However, we at Ultrashield have a solution to aid you in this battle.

Our marine window and glass treatment has been specifically designed to work in the harsh conditions of sea life, battling against salt water, UV and other contaminants. The sea environment is particularly harsh on surfaces such as glass, more so than a house inland would be exposed to. Because of this, the treatment needs to be stronger to withstand the additional abuse. Our marine treatment has been made with the marine environment in mind, and has been tried and tested to ensure that it can handle the conditions.

Ideally, you want to apply the treatment before the boat even hits the sea. However, 90% of the time, the boat has already been out. So what can you do?

We can restore your boat windows before applying the treatment to ensure that they are returned back to an as new condition. Restoration should be done before applying the treatment, which will ensure that 1) your windows look like new, and 2) the treatment does a better job of protecting the glass.

What will treatment do for your marine glass? Applying treatment to your boat or yacht ensures that your glass has a protective layer to help fight against stains, etching, grime, dirt and any other contaminants. It also means that cleaning the glass will be a breeze, with next to no maintenance required to return them to as new condition.

Want to protect the glass and windows on your boat? Talk to us today about getting your marine glass treated!

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