Salt Water Damage, how can it be treated?

Kiwis love the outdoors, our country has an amazing outdoor culture, from snowboarding and skiing to hunting and fishing.  As an island surrounded by water we especially love it. Swimming, fishing, boating etc.

But unfortunately with water comes problems.  One of these is Salt Water Damage.  Whether it is to our homes by the sea or our boats or even our cars we get affected by it.  So let’s discus it.

What is salt water damage?


Salt water is corrosive; it affects every surface by eating into it.  It can even penetrate and break down concrete.  It etches into surfaces, especially glass where it causes unsightly damage.  It can even etch into stainless steel damaging the protective layer of it and causing it to rust.  Additionally, mould just loves salt water. It causes mould to grow easier than fresh water which of course can cause numerous health problems.  Yes, salt water causes a lot of damage which can be frustrating to boaties and seaside home owners as they see thier possessions being damaged.

How can it be treated by Ultrashield?

We can restore your possessions to as new conditions and then further protect it from any more damage.  We offer a treatment for basically every surface.  Our treatments can remove what normal cleaners can’t.  For example, on scratched windows damaged by salt water we remove the scratches by a special polish then we treat it with our ultrashield to prevent this from recurring.

Why treat it with Ultrashield?

On metal ultrashield creates a breathable protective layer that repels water and dirt and leaves and easy clean surface.  It is a nontoxic and environmentally friendly product.  Easy to clean means just wiping with a damp cloth. It lasts up to 12 months.  Our window treatments are again nontoxic and environmentally friendly and doesn’t just protect the glass from salt water damage but things like acid rain too.  Also it too is easily cleaned with a wipe from a damp cloth.  This is valid up to 5 years on new windows and 3 on restored glass.  We also have a concrete and paving treatment that again protects the surface from not only salt water damage but lichen and moss.  Its bonus is it has excellent frost/thaw resistance in severe weather conditions.  Of course our treatments are a must for boaties. It will protect your pride and joy and provide an easy clean surface.  Our treatments are UV stable. And just need a hosedown and a squeegee to maintain that brand new look.

So call us today to arrange protection on your valuable assets.  You won’t regret it.

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