My Marine Metal Is Rusting, What Do I Do?

Because of where the marine metal spends it’s life (by the coast and on the sea), rusting is a very common problem and one that needs to be dealt with immediately when it begins to prevent it spreading into a reversible process. Whether on your coastal home or on your boat or yacht, you need to stay on top of the rust.


So you’ve noticed rust spots on your metals, what do you do? If it is in the early stages, it is possible to restore the metal to get rid of the rust. This is done by using an abrasive to ‘cut away’ the rust, leaving only the clean stainless finish you once had. Once this is done, you must protect it, otherwise the rusting will quickly start again.

Applying a metal treatment once installed will ensure that the rusting does not develop again, and will keep your metal looking nice and shiny. Always remember, however, that it is best to treat the metal before any rust at all is seen, preferably when it is new, as it is better and easier to keep it looking new than it is to bring it back to new condition and get rid of the rust.

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