How Are You Protected From Graffiti?

Graffiti can be beautiful pieces of art but most of the times, it’s unwanted vandalism just destroying your property. Except that graffiti removal can be costly and hard work, it’s shown that the general feeling of the neighbourhood is more unsafe with visual signs of vandalism around. If you’re reading this, you probably already got tired of removing graffiti or want to prevent it from happening, again so and we have set up this guide for you.

Be proactive

Prevent the damage to happen from the start. Here are 4 steps to protect yourself from graffiti:

  1. Make it harder to operate undisturbed by installing outdoor lighting. Your choice if it’s on all the time, on a timer or a motion detector.
  2. If you have the funds, install surveillance equipment. No one wants to be filmed committing a crime, right?
  3. Flowers and trees are beautiful to look at and planting them in front or walls or fences minimize the space for the graffiti. Planting lower shrubs under windows can make it harder to reach them, especially if they have got prickles! Ask your local garden centre for low maintenance plants in the right size.
  4. Install a window graffiti protection film on your glass and protection on metal surfaces to protect it from permanent signs of graffiti and scratching. Read more about this below.

Graffiti removal on glass and metal surfaces

Even if you’ve taken the steps above, your property could still be at risk for graffiti. If your surface doesn’t have a protection film you can try these methods for removal:

– Be quick! The faster you remove the graffiti the better chances you have to avoid permanent stains. Studies also show that graffiti removed within 48hrs makes it less attractive for repeat offenders.

– Water blasting can be an effective method on sturdy unpainted surfaces.

– Fresh graffiti may be removed by using paint stripper, oven cleaner or special purpose graffiti removal products. Make sure to read the warning text on these products and follow the protective clothing advice since the chemicals can be harsh on your body. Always test on a small hidden area to know that the surface doesn’t get damaged.

– Bring in the professionals. It can be a time and energy consuming work getting rid of the graffiti if you haven’t invested in any type of protective treatment. The professionals have both experience and access to specialty products and tools and will do the job for you.

– If you can’t get rid of paint or stains; sorry, it’s time to replace or repaint the surface.

How does a graffiti protection film work?

A graffiti surface protection film is a visually clear film you can install on glass and metal surfaces. When damaged, it’s simply pulled off and replaced by a new one and your surface is left unaffected. No need for harsh chemicals that are bad for both you and the environment.

The high-quality film we use at Ultrashield is a unique polyester construction bonded with special adhesives. It doesn’t only protect from paint but also from key scratches and acid etching damage with its hard “CST” coat. No worries about a distorted view when applied to windows or mirrors, it is a visually clear film that adheres well to the surface without leaving bubbles or uneven edges. To remove dirt, just use your normal window cleaning detergent as you would for any window or mirror.

Where can I install a graffiti protection film?

The film is especially great for public areas with high pedestrian traffic. Any glass or metal surfaces that are prone to graffiti such as retail shop and cafe fronts, bathroom stalls and mirrors, bus shelters, public transport vehicles, display cabinets and signage. If you’re unsure, just give us a call for advice.

Why install a protection film?

To summarize, this is what you will gain on installing a graffiti protection film:

–    Protecting your original surface from ugly permanent stains

–    Protects from scratching and acid etching damage

–    Quick and easy installation

–    Easy replacement after graffiti damage. Just peel off and install a new sheet of film and your surface will look good as new again!

–    No need for harsh chemicals while removing the graffiti

–    Saving lots of money on by replacing the film instead of the whole surface. Windows are expensive, right?

Interested in knowing more about our graffiti protection film? At Ultrashield we are specialized surface protection for commercial and domestic needs. Contact us (link) for your free consultation and quote. When you’ve spent the energy and money in making something beautiful, we want to help you to keep it that way.

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