Graffiti Removal: Prevention is the Best Protection

Graffiti damage is not just an eyesore. They also cause expensive structural damage that can break the bank. Even though there are anti-graffiti policies and programs, this is not enough to prevent offenders from doing vandalism. That is why the best way to protect your structure from any vandalism damage is to prevent it.

One of the best methods that you can do to prevent potential offenders from ruining your property with nasty graffiti is to invest in protective coatings or protective graffiti mitigation methods.

With the right anti-graffiti proactive coatings and mitigation methods, you can save thousands of dollars from the costly and time-consuming process of cleaning and restoring the exterior of your property.

Here are some best practices that you can invest in to protect your property walls and windows from nasty vandals:

1.Surface protection films

Graffiti on windows are the most difficult to remove and the most expensive to restore. They are also more fragile than wall surfaces. One way to protect your windows from graffiti is to use surface protection films. Aside from graffiti, it can also protect your windows from scratches, acid etching, and gouges. Surface protection films are easy to replace. They are also affordable as compared to replacing a whole glass that is damaged by graffiti.

2. Flood lights

Another effective graffiti mitigation method that you can use to prevent vandals from ruining your wall or window is by installing flood lights. Most graffiti vandalism occurs during the night when no one is around to see the offenders. By installing flood lights, you are creating an illusion that someone is watching and guarding your property. And besides, anyone who will attempt to vandal in a well-lit place will hold back as they can be easily spotted and apprehended.

3. Security cameras

Installing security cameras is also an effective solution to prevent vandals from damaging your property. Aside from security purposes, they also serve as an extra level of surveillance. The presence of a security camera can intimidate any offenders that are lurking around your property. Furthermore, if accidents occur, you have a recorded copy that you can send to authorities for investigation.

4. Anti-graffiti paint

There are available anti-graffiti coatings that you can use to protect your walls and windows from nasty graffiti. Here are some of them:

Sacrificial coating
It is a clear layer that is coated in your desired surface. If the surface is vandalised, you can remove the coating (taking out the graffiti with it) using a pressure washer. Once the graffiti is removed, you need to put another coating on the area. Sacrificial coating is best to use in sound barriers, building exteriors, bridges, tanks, and surfaces that can be easily accessed.

Permanent coating
It is more expensive than sacrificial coating but if used effectively, you only need to apply it once. Permanent coating creates a protective layer on any surface that prevents spray paint to stick and bond with the surface. Which means, with the permanent coating on, you can easily wipe off the graffiti with a graffiti remover.

If you want to protect your property from graffiti offenders, you need to invest with the methods discussed above. If you are thinking of using sacrificial or permanent coating to effectively protect your property from graffiti damage, we, at Ultrashield, can help you get started.

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