Surface protection designed for bathrooms.

Keeping your bathroom clean can be a lot of hard work. Most times you can expect to spend hours cleaning, scrubbing and wiping and often the result is less than satisfying. This is simply because regular cleaning products just do not have the ability to fight against dirt, grime and other blemishes found in the bathroom. When the bathroom surfaces are not protected, they are exposed and vulnerable to dirt, grime, soap scum and deterioration as a result. Ultrashield can put a stop to that.

With protection and treatment products for all bathroom surfaces, Ultrashield can make sure that your tiles, bath and shower components all remain as clean and protected as possible, keeping the new look despite regular use.


Tile_Surface_Protection_ProductsBenefits of tile protection:

  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • New, refreshed look to your tiles
  • Repels water, stains, grime and dirt
  • Scratch resistant
  • No harsh chemicals



Benefits of shower protection and treatment:Shower_Surface_Protection_And_Treatment

  • Shower glass remains stain free and clean
  • Minimum cleaning efforts required
  • Repels stains, dirt, grime and soap scum
  • Non toxic, environmentally friendly
  • No need for harsh chemicals




Bath_Surface_Protection_From_UltrashieldBenefits of bath treatment:

  • No more “dirty ring”
  • No harsh chemicals needed for cleaning
  • No more scrubbing
  • Protection against stains, dirt and soap scum
  • Non toxic, environmentally friendly


Ultrashield can treat your bathroom and provide you with the solution to easy bathroom maintenance. Call us on 0800 485 872 to find out more and get your bathroom treated to reap all the benefits of an easy to maintain bathroom!


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