Graffiti Removal: Prevention is the Best Protection

Graffiti damage is not just an eyesore. They also cause expensive structural damage that can break the bank. Even though there are anti-graffiti policies and programs, this is not enough to prevent offenders from doing vandalism. That is why the best way to protect your structure from any vandalism damage is to prevent it.

One of the best methods that you can do to prevent potential offenders from ruining your property with nasty graffiti is to invest in protective coatings or protective graffiti mitigation methods.

With the right anti-graffiti proactive coatings and mitigation methods, you can save thousands of dollars from the costly and time-consuming process of cleaning and restoring the exterior of your property.

Here are some best practices that you can invest in to protect your property walls and windows from nasty vandals:

1.Surface protection films

Graffiti on windows are the most difficult to remove and the most expensive to restore. They are also more fragile than wall surfaces. One way to protect your windows from graffiti is to use surface protection films. Aside from graffiti, it can also protect your windows from scratches, acid etching, and gouges. Surface protection films are easy to replace. They are also affordable as compared to replacing a whole glass that is damaged by graffiti.

2. Flood lights

Another effective graffiti mitigation method that you can use to prevent vandals from ruining your wall or window is by installing flood lights. Most graffiti vandalism occurs during the night when no one is around to see the offenders. By installing flood lights, you are creating an illusion that someone is watching and guarding your property. And besides, anyone who will attempt to vandal in a well-lit place will hold back as they can be easily spotted and apprehended.

3. Security cameras

Installing security cameras is also an effective solution to prevent vandals from damaging your property. Aside from security purposes, they also serve as an extra level of surveillance. The presence of a security camera can intimidate any offenders that are lurking around your property. Furthermore, if accidents occur, you have a recorded copy that you can send to authorities for investigation.

4. Anti-graffiti paint

There are available anti-graffiti coatings that you can use to protect your walls and windows from nasty graffiti. Here are some of them:

Sacrificial coating
It is a clear layer that is coated in your desired surface. If the surface is vandalised, you can remove the coating (taking out the graffiti with it) using a pressure washer. Once the graffiti is removed, you need to put another coating on the area. Sacrificial coating is best to use in sound barriers, building exteriors, bridges, tanks, and surfaces that can be easily accessed.

Permanent coating
It is more expensive than sacrificial coating but if used effectively, you only need to apply it once. Permanent coating creates a protective layer on any surface that prevents spray paint to stick and bond with the surface. Which means, with the permanent coating on, you can easily wipe off the graffiti with a graffiti remover.

If you want to protect your property from graffiti offenders, you need to invest with the methods discussed above. If you are thinking of using sacrificial or permanent coating to effectively protect your property from graffiti damage, we, at Ultrashield, can help you get started.

Talk to our friendly experts today!

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How to Treat Salt Water Damage

Coastal home owners, boat enthusiasts or even photographers will be very well aware of what damage salt water can do to glass. When you get that new window, balustrade, camera lens or windshield the undistorted view will only last a short time before the salt water starts to leave permanent etching marks on the glass. That milky appearance becomes a reality before you know it. You can slow down the process by regularly cleaning the glass panels, but after some time you will start to see damage building up.

But please, don’t despair! With the right products, it’s possible to restore the glass to its former glory again. The sooner the restoration happens the better the result (heavily damaged glass may be restored up to 70-80%), so get on to it now. You can either restore your glass yourself or call in the experts to do the job for you. Continue to read below for both options.

How to Restore Your Glass

Get yourself a glass rejuvenator (we recommend Eurocoat Rejuvenator, which can also be used on metal rails and tiles) and quality non-abrasive scourer pads.

By hand: Add product onto a scourer pad and rub in circular motions over the glass surface until the marks disappear. Rinse and repeat this process, if you can still see the marks. For heavy damaged glass, use a damp scourer pad.

With an orbital sander: Attach the scourer pad to the orbital sander and apply the product. In slow motions, go over the surface in multiple directions to be sure to not miss any spots. Rinse and repeat if necessary. (For this option, always use a dry scourer pad to apply product on.)

For the final finish, rinse off and wipe down with a microfiber cloth and soapy water. Squeegee off or use a soft cloth to dry. That’s it!

How to Avoid Salt Water Damage

Why not prevent salt water damage happening right from the beginning? On a micro level, a glass surface is very uneven (think ridges and valleys) and with nano-technology products, that ‘uneven surface’ will be smoothened out with glass-like nano particles. The surface will be so smooth water, salt, dirt and grime can’t adhere and water will simply bead off along with the these particles. Etching will be prevented and future cleaning will be a dream …. as you simply wipe the surface down with soapy water and a microfiber cloth.  We love using Eurocoat Glass Premium. It is a high-quality product developed in Germany and we would recommend it to anyone and everyone as we always see such a great result. (For surface protection nerds out there: Eurocoat Glass Premium has a layer thickness of 100nm (invisible to the eye) and a contact angle of 105-109 °. It is UV-stable and chemical resistant up to pH value of 13.) Glass surfaces can be treated either brand new (for optimal result) or after a thorough restoration for older glass.

Call the Experts

Sounds like too much of a hard job to restore the glass? To be honest, the likely hood …it is! If you’re not up for the challenge or if your glass is heavily damaged, call in the experts to get the job done for you.

We have had a number of years experience in both glass restoration and glass treatment. So we are very confident we can bring your glass back to life and restore it back to its best possible condition again. Contact us today for your free non-obligation quote and we will get back to you shortly. 

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How much do you pay for window cleaning?

Picture the feeling of newly cleaned windows, the crystal-clear view, nice light flowing in from outside and even the inside of your place seems cleaner. It’s all great until the first windy and rainy day and the dirt starts to build up again and you start to dread the next clean. Whether you do it yourself or pay someone to do it!

It doesn’t have to be like this though, did you know that you can treat your windows to protect from water etching and reduce up to 90% of your cleaning time? As we all know; time is money! Continue to read and we will explain how it works.

What is Glass Protection?
Glass might look like a perfectly smooth surface, but it’s actually porous, allowing dirt and other contamination to easily stick to the surface. Depending on where your property is located, the windows can also be effected by acid rain or salt water etching, causing permanent water marks and an unwanted ‘milky’ looking glass. Our protection product, Eurocoat Glass Premium, is a high-quality German engineered nano-technology product that creates an optically clear skin on top of the glass, protecting your glass from etching,and preventing dirt from sticking to the surface.  You can read more in detail here on our website .Windows that already suffer from etching can be restored before treating the glass. After being restored, the glass treatment comes with a 5-year warranty and is easy to re-treated.

Save up to 90% of your cleaning time
Cleaning untreated windows can be tiring and take time, especially at two-story buildings. Scrubbing the dirt off and getting a streak free finish. With treated windows however, scrubbing is nothing but a memory of the past. Instead, for a great result, simply hose off your windows and you’re done! Yes, you read it correctly, it is as simple. For an exceptional result, hose off and then squeegee off excess water and dry around the edges with a microfiber cloth. TIP… did you know that the dreaded rain is now helping you to keep your windows clean? It works basically as a hose off. Best of all? The windows stay clearer to look through in-between the glass cleans as well.

Time is money
We assume that if you read this, you appreciate spotless windows as much as we do. We also assume that you feel that you spend either too much time or/and money on keeping them clean.

Hiring a professional start at $200 for a small 2-bedroom house per clean. The cleaners we have spoken to say their customers prefer to have the windows cleaned every two – three months so you can easily see how the cost quickly builds up. With an easy clean method of hosing off (as mentioned above), you can either ask your cleaner to continue with the same method, or you may even consider doing it yourself? In any case, time is money and a treatment will save you or your cleaners a lot of time!

Coastal homes
Costal homes are exposed to much harsher conditions than others. If you have a costal property, we’re sure you would have noticed the etching effect of salt water already. Brand new windows can start to show permanent signs of etching  normally within months of being installed.  This will vary depending on the harsh conditions the glass is exposed to and how close to the water the house is located. Eurocoat Glass Premium doesn’t only prevent dirt from sticking on the glass but also protects from etching. If you hose off your windows after days where salt water comes onto your windows and reapply the protection every 5 years, your windows can last a lifetime without that milky look that comes with etching. TIP: You don’t want anything stopping you from enjoying that billion-dollar view, do you?

Commercial buildings
If you’re reading this article in a position as a property manager or maintenance manager, you might be  looking for ways in keeping you glass doors or windows looking spotless at all times with as little effort as possible. We can definitely help you with that! As described above. Long gone would the surface scrubbing be and instead a simple hose off (outdoors) or wipe off (indoors) would be all you need and your maintenance team would be done in a jiffy. And best of all? It will still look better in between the cleans since the dirt doesn’t adhere to the surface as it does on an untreated one.

Did you know that Eurocoat Glass Premium can be applied to all glass surfaces including: Showers, Balustrades, Mirrors, Splashbacks, Car Windscreens and Boat Windscreens?

Want to find out more or have any questions or require a free quote? Contact us  today.

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Restoring Glass? Know the basics!

Do you…

  1. Have a glass surface that has become ‘opaque’ looking and needs a restoration makeover? Or
  2. You want to prevent your new glass from becoming ‘opaque’ looking? Or
  3. Your thinking of installing a new glass shower or balustrade glass and want to protect it but not sure how much time and effort is involved in keeping it sparkling new??

Well, read on, as we have covered all the basics!

Why does glass become ‘opaque’ looking over time?

Looking at a pane of glass it appears to the eye as ‘smooth and sleek’, but if you were to look through a microscope, you’ll realise that as glass is porous the surface is extremely uneven, in other words imagine a shower glass surface being made up of mountains and valleys! Because of this uneven surface dirt, soap scum, body oils or grease can get stuck into the pores.

Balustrade glass can also be affected from irrigation systems, acid rain, salt water and chlorinated pools turning the glass opaque. There goes that million-dollar view!

But don’t be discouraged, there are efficient ways of both restoring the glass and preventing this from happening again.

What is glass restoration?

It is a process where the glass needs a deep cleanse by using a rejuvenating product and a good non-abrasive application pad to get into the pores of the glass.

You can treat all kinds of glass surfaces:

  • Windows – removes dirt and water marks from acid rain
  • Showers – removes soap scum, body fats, water marks
  • Splashbacks – grease and dirt
  • Balustrades – acid rain, chorine or salt water marks, dirt
  • Glass doors – acid rain, dirt, fingerprints
  • Boat windscreens – salt water marks, dirt

How to make your glass look like new again

A DIY Kit for glass restoration can be done easily if you have the right tools and your glass is light to moderately damaged. We recommend using the Eurocoat Glass Rejuvenator with a white scourer for light duty restoration, or a blue scourer for heavy duty restoration.

This can be done by hand, however you will get better results for hard water staining by using an orbital sander. We do recommend testing on a small patch of glass first.

  • Step 1: Apply Eurocoat Glass Rejuvenator to the damp scourer and apply thoroughly in a swirling motion with a moderate pressure for 2-3 minutes on the same spot.
  • Step 2: Clean the glass with soapy water and squeegee off.
  • Step 3: Repeat above steps if necessary until all spots and stains are gone.

This process can be used on different glass surfaces such as showers, external windows, balustrade glass, car windscreens, splash backs and glass boat windscreens. Please note that this process may remove 50% of etching, depending of glass thickness age and level of damage to the glass. If your glass is heavily damaged by etching, give us a call for your free quote.



Make the result last longer

A good cleaning routine will make the result last longer. If it’s your shower that has been rejuvenated, it can be a good idea to rinse with water and squeegee off the shower walls after each shower and do a weekly wipe down with detergent on a microfiber cloth to prevent build up. Splashbacks to be wiped off after frying and pool balustrades hosed off after swimming. Eventually hard water marks and etching is going to appear but it can be prevented if treated with Eurocoat Glass Premium, as below.

Never do it again
While many surfaces can get back looking as new again, it takes some effort and time to do so. Why not treat them before the damage is done?

If your glass is brand new or has been restored, we recommend you treat the glass straight away with Eurocoat Glass Premium.  This German engineered nanotechnology treatment places an invisible, optically clear treatment over the glass surface, preventing dirt and other contaminants entering into the pores of the glass. It also preventing etching in the first place.

The treatment will last for many years and reduce your maintenance cleaning time with up to 90% as the surface is smoothened out and particles can’t adhere to it. It can be used on all types of glass including showers, balustrades, splashbacks, window treatment, car and boat windscreens. Ask us for more information and get your quote today.


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Why You Need Shower Glass Protection

Imagine stepping into your shower and seeing all the stains on your shower glass. Are you looking for a way to keep your shower glass spotless and shiny?

What if I told you there was a way to keep your shower glass protected and sparkling clean always?

Introducing the latest in shower glass protection and cleaning treatment! Say goodbye to your problems with your dirty and grimy shower glass and doors today.

Shower Glass Protection and Cleaning Treatment

You’re probably wondering, does this stuff really work? How will this cleaning treatment restore your shower glass? Is it possible to really get it looking brand new?

Finally, Ultrashield offers a solution to never having to scrub shower glass clean again! Gone are the days when you had to spend thousands of dollars to replace your shower glass and doors. Now you don’t have to live with such dirty glass in your bathroom.

We will help you keep your shower glass looking brand new with our low-maintenance surface protection cleaning treatment. Now you can reduce shower-cleaning time by up to 90% and treat, seal, and protect your glass shower and shower door from soap scum, water stains, etching, and hard-to-remove dirt and grime.

Your New, Easy-to-Maintain Shower

Right now you’re probably staring at your shower glass thinking to yourself, “How on earth am I supposed to turn this dirty, old shower glass into a brand new version of itself? This means you can have it cleaned without having to replace and install new shower glass doors.

Ultrashield’s shower glass cleaning treatment will ensure that your shower is a pleasure to clean and maintain. We provide excellent results every time – leaving you with a clean shower that looks like new!

Now you can professionally apply our treatment to create an invisible protective layer on your shower glass – one that repels water effectively.

This will not only eliminate the pain of hiring someone to install new shower glass doors, which could cost you a fortune. The best part is, it works for all types of shower glass, old and new.

Perfect for New or Used Showers

Ultrashield applies glass protection for new or used showers. We provide glass restoration, which can restore your used shower to 80% of its original state.

We remove dirt and soap scum build up that you can’t remove using regular household cleaners. After that, we use our German-engineered glass protection product – Liquid Glass – to protect your shower glass and prevent further damage. Our glass treatment makes your shower a dream to clean!

Why You Should Use Liquid Glass Protection

Liquid glass protection offers a vast array of features and benefits:

  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, UV stable
  • Repels water, oil and other liquids effectively
  • Reduces dirt and grime build up
  • Reduces cleaning time by up to 90%
  • No more harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Scratch resistant (regular wiping will not remove the coating)
  • Shower can be used immediately after application
  • Glass protection is the money-saving answer – SAVE Time, Money and the Environment

Shower Glass Cleaner Treatment

In order to maximize the results of your shower glass treatment, simply wipe the surface down with a clean micro fiber damp cloth. This is supplied in your FREE After Care Kit. Do this once a week and make sure to dry with a soft cloth every time.

If you do notice a slight build up of grime, simply get a warm bucket of water with some light detergent and wipe over with a non-abrasive pad. This is also supplied in your FREE After Care Kit. Rinse with cold water and dry. Simple!

Remember this treatment is LOW maintenance and easy clean. It is NOT no maintenance, no clean.

What to Use for Commercial Showers

Ultrashield provide a range of solutions for commercial showers. Our treatment has been applied to many commercial showers, helping to fight and prevent mold, stains, soap scum, and water spotting from the surrounding surfaces.

With our commercial shower protection, maintenance is minimized and keeping the shower clean requires a simple wipe down at regular intervals to ensure that build up is prevented. Talk to us about protection and treatment for your commercial shower today!

Say Goodbye to Dirty Shower Glass

Now that you’ve been introduced to Ultrashield’s amazing shower glass treatment, you can rest easy in the assurance that you will be able to restore your shower glass doors to their former glory.

You will be able to remove the dirt, scum, grime, and other adverse effects of daily use of your bathroom’s shower glass. Your glass will look brand new without you having to break the bank to clean it up.

Not only that, you will also enjoy pain-free cleaning treatment of your shower glass doors. No muss, no fuss. Just beautiful, clean, and sparkling shower glass in your bathroom. Are you ready to have your shower glass doors cleaned? Get your free quote today!

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